The GaryVee Birthday Edition | Marketing For the Now Episode #14


Is gary v audio experience. Have happy forty. Fifth gary andrea. We know it's not your style to be the guest on your own show but it's your birthday and i guess you're giving us a gift today so thank you for that. Thank you for having the murmurings have been going on in the virtual halls a meeting of tomato and radishes by the way radishes. Are you better. You better like staff up because we have not the twelve guests with a singular conversation today but we actually have more than thirty three guests for five minute conversation. So we've gotta go. We've gotta jump in right now okay. Are you ready. I'm ready all right. Let's go so first up. We have an entrepreneur. You're younger a numbers guy and your brother. The perfect i start with. What's up bro bro. Happy birthday times to thank you my man so this is a funny format. Aj what's a good story or an insight you know. Obviously you know he's the most and what's something building intermedia that i told you that doesn't get talked about like what's immigrant business that you know. I wanna bring i. Yeah i got. Yeah i gotta go one. I've recently just had this conversation. Maybe yesterday and i of don't think i've ever brought it up at any other podcasts or conversations so i think it's a good one i would say that in my early twenties getting into my professional career with you. Starting intermedia i was. I was fairly rigid as an entrepreneur. I was somebody that i think had years of scholastic kind of experienced drilled enemy. I think i relied and was overly rigid on things. I think someone you. And i've talked about before was that i've changed my opinion. Which kind of ironic. I've changed my opinion on the concept of changing your mind. It used to bother me if you said something on a monday. And then you changed your mind by friday thought that lack of consistency was mind numbing but i think in my late twenties thirties. I've softened my rigidness. And i think for the better and i think entrepreneurship you need to sure balances. Great moderation is great. But i think it's something that you really helped. Because i don't think anybody would call you rigid and I think it's something that you expose me to. You spent the time and energy to talk me through it. You could easily just brushed me away and said like time for this conversation especially given how fast we were building this thing but i. That's something that i took. That was very valuable for me. I take pride in my. I still have rigid tendencies innings part of my dna. But i think i've definitely softened those things up over the last ten plus years. What do you think. The biggest misconception is now that people know who i am that you know that you think everybody's got a different take on your actual to operate. I think probably there is a An assumption that's made that you wouldn't want to spend the time on staffing or organizational shifts or strategy. Plan like that. You're to go go go out in the open. I don't think people realize that. If i you know at one point banner in two thousand twelve said hey we need to like lock ourselves in a room with like one or two other people for six hours and map the shit out that you're game for that. I think people would assume that you would want other people. Figure that out and take care of it i think just far more operational willing and minded than people realize. What's your favorite win over me. I think it's easy. It comes immediately to mind. And i think you already know the answer. Don't tell me that well. No actually i was going to go there. That's why my second favorite. oh Be beating you basketball for the first time at mom and dad's house one on one basketball. I think i was seventeen. I like literally ran off the court with my arms in the air right to the kitchen to tell everybody in our family that had finally beat new because the way your style of mentor ship and guidance was to make me earn it.

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