Biden Covid advisers say transition delay hurts pandemic prep beyond vaccines

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From npr news. I'm lakshmi singh. President elect joe biden says. His transition team is moving ahead with plans to combat the coronavirus pandemic despite a lack of cooperation from the trump administration. Npr's windsor johnston reports with inauguration day. Fast approaching the white house is still refusing to give biden access to the nation's top public health experts even as the number of infections continues to hit daily record highs the nation's top infectious disease expert. Dr anthony fauci says a delay in essential transition talks between the trump and incoming biden administrations could delay the nation's response to the pandemic at a critical time. There has not been any form with discussions with the with the biden People on this that kind of thing makes it easier to just go from one to the other so yes. I would wish that we would be able to do that. That would be helpful. President-elect biden warned. This week that more americans could die at trump keeps refusing to coordinate planning for the distribution of a vaccine when it becomes available windsor johnston. Npr news

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