'Hollywood, The Sequel,' Episode 10: '2020 Visions For Hollywoods Future with Glenn Close and Ruth Carter'

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Me. I I was nominated for Malcolm accent, but I was also protected by a group of so makers that really did want me to excel and that had a vision for where we are in creating a new Hollywood. And a new a new view. And so. I think we have been shaken up. And I hope shaken up enough for people to see that you know it's not just one view of excellence. There's many of excellence and that we need to know about each other we need to embrace it. Asks were talking the whole idea of a theatrical movie is. is in I guess total chaos you know ten might come out but a lot of movies aren't coming out in theaters. Some movies that we're going to be in theaters are coming out on streaming services as a designer as somebody who cares a lot about your craft it could be you know the detail in brocade, it could be the stitching. If you're watching that movie on a streaming service, you're not gonNA notice that do you worry about people saying well, it doesn't have to be that good because they're gonNa Watch on their laptop and how do you fight that fight where you go every stitch matters and I'm not gonNA cut corners. Yes. I. Always Thought About My TV versus film and there was always kind of this thing where you know you had so many episodes to do that. You know we want you. Get to the idea you know move onto something else, and that's why loved film because film is a slower process was a deeper dive. I can do a lot more detail in my work. I could really passionate and care and people love that and embrace it actors love that embrace that I had thought through the costumes for their characters and added details that help them to support their characters and. So it, it it when I look at a lot of things that have come out recently I, you know I'm Kinda sad that they weren't on the big screen because I would have enjoyed them even more on the big screen unlike a lot of the filmmakers artists that we've spoken to on this podcast Ruth Carter. Isn't platform agnostic. She wants people to see her work in theaters I not at home on TV. My Word is for the big screen for now that's where I set my sights and you know I'm very aspirational. My last movie was coming to America to and you've got to see that on the big screen. You know there's time for that later to go you know into everyone's home but. The. Spectacle of it is so grand that you know now you'll have a feast of. Artistry and cinematography to enjoy, and that's how it was meant to. DC. If you're making a movie that set in Wauconda, people are not going to be wearing masks. They're not gonna be socially distance because that world doesn't exist. If you're making a movie set on, Wall Street people might have mass if it's modern day do you think it's going to really change the way that customers think about how people are dressing if they're doing a modern day story? And are they ignoring the pandemic pretending it doesn't exist what are they going to do in terms of how people dress and look you got on the street now at least? Around here people are wearing masks it'd be not another I mean it's twenty twenty. It's this is how we're GONNA show twenty twenty, and hopefully just twenty twenty We're GONNA show people on the street some with Mass on without. It's up to the riders in the producers what how how much of that they wanna see certainly, there are some more intimate scenes that can be without mass in homes where people have quarantined together. It's twenty twenty so it's creative. But it's a sign of the times and here's my last question you talked about role models and mentorships and part of the problem in Hollywood is that the typical hiring decisions are made from a group of people that people have worked with before it becomes kind of a self repeating self perpetuating cycle. So. What are the kinds of things that anybody can do to break that cycle and make sure that the doors are open to people who haven't had a chance who aren't the same band of people who get hired again and again that there's a path in for people who don't normally have an easy access to breaking in There's two ideas about how to bring about change in my opinion. There is my decision that we're going to have a crew wardrobe cruel bets representative. It's not all one thing. It has a nice balance of you know all the world. and. That makes me feel comfortable in my own environment that there's someone who looks like me and there's also you know someone who is non y two is Lbj t to I like that kind of a world but that doesn't mean that everyone understands what I'm requesting on micro they don't understand the value of it so I think the responsibility lies in US communicating with each other and I sit down with my white compadres and I say the the expansive community, the people of Color here need to know. That they have an opportunity to grow in this environment, and if there is a position that's opening up, they may not have the experience and the know how but they need to know that they at least will be considered floor upward mobility because we haven't been included in we haven't been discussed enough and it's my job to point out what about that is a value and the opportunity itself is a value. So I have those conversations and they get it and they understand it because you know in this. This environment entertainment industry we only kind of see this place where we got things done and and we wanna keep at the same because we know it but we have to train these people we have to empower them and let everybody now that there's there's an opportunity they are candidates

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