Pandemic & Enlightenment


Everyone today from my home office. I hope that you guys have a wonderful week. I wanna talk to you today about something that keeps showing up. So what happened with the pandemic was when the when they d Blaze and at all these things where you can social distancing In all of those that eventually people will start questioning theirselves into sanity. okay. I think that the The sanity is is common to ablaze. Were what i was saying in the early stages of days is is is. This circumstances was happening. Right now will bring to lie if he was really the problem or shes a lack of discipline. Because with barbie glows people able to go. How what end the happen was that now. Use sorta has to phase yourself and what has been consistent in the last couple of weeks me talking to different clients and talking to people is the feel like the all messed up. Everything that every the are walking apologies. Well i don't think they should realize that. But as i think and the other hand is like when you have the pandemic showing up in the in you only amazon people. They can be alone and their own outfits by themselves. Is you start facing things. The four day today leaving we usually high and some people have alcohol. Draw zoll Movies going out being social but not working on themselves. So i think now we are in the edge were we have seen lately. A lot of people comedian That are the didn't Dark places because they either the spend a lotta time with themselves or the realize that. It was not a matter of time to do what they need to do for themselves. It was sort of the lack of discipline or the lack of law for themselves. I can tell you that we are as long as if you walk in water Semiotics for the comments below. And i will i do training with you but if you don't we are all working in processes we all doing. All of this is to love ourselves best possible way so an a and they me insane many times and this process is people in front of you will you will ask for help. And his people behind you. They will help. So if you are feeling right now Day you are all over the blaze and the feeling that they can mess. I'm just using words that people have been describing to me and the last couple of weeks and they're being saying that they're reporting their faces together just to make it bourboule for the people around them.

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