China postpones Ant’s colossal IPO after closed-door talk with Jack Ma


American markets are not, of course, the on ly markets and Chinese investors had been planning something of a celebration this week, the world's biggest initial public offering ever. To be set in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the company going public and I think we mentioned this last week is Ant Financial, a giant in Chinese fintech financial technology. That was the case until this morning. That is Chinese regulators kind of out of nowhere suspended. The I P o not happening at all. Not clear what's going on. But his marketplaces Scott Tongue reports. What we do know is that the Chinese government is still very much in charge of the world's second largest economy. Aunt group is no small insect in the Chinese economy. It's phone APP is used by 700 million people. Martin Short's MPA is with the Peterson Institute for International Economics in China. They don't use credit cards. They link their bank account into this digital wallet, and then they scan barcodes everywhere to pay for things. They can also shop online through it taken by gold and investment products. Get loans get insurance two weeks ago and controlling stake holder Jack Ma blasted Chinese financial regulators for red tape and for not understanding companies like his into many, Jack Ma crossed a line and the government is assumed to have struck back by freezing the AIPO for now. China market analyst Fraser Howie is the author of Red Capitalism. The status pattern made by the party is proud of me. Even though Jack's a member of the party business cannot be devolved from politics in China. Social media in China is now filled with cracks about Aunt's getting crushed in this old movie clip of Jack Ma, playing a kung fu master apologizing to the cops always says The lesson for international investors is beware of the China market in the interference of the state. Imagine, he says, You're like the risk manager at some $100 billion Midwest Pence and fund and last week, someone said, we've got again to China. Look what's happening. You're gonna turn around and say, turn around and say no way. Another cautionary message has to do with Chinese innovation, Martin Zampa says in the US it's normal for a tech CEO to tell Washington bureaucrats to back off. But when Jack Ma says that in China he's put in this place. The pendulum continues to swing towards control and away from the freedom. Which encourages innovation, he says Chinese authorities fear that Aunt group could make borrowing too easy and put the financial system and risk. I'm Scott Tongue for marketplace.

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