Election Day 2020 - burst 31


To be Probably pennsylvania. I mean north carolina's reported ninety four percent. Georgia is a seventy nine percent. I think those are two big keys. It's going to be pennsylvania. Those are three big. He's on the east coast. Pennsylvania north carolina in georgia. And i think one of the bigger ones dude honestly. Yeah it's going to be all out warfare if those states still get called tonight because pennsylvania is updating slowly but surely even even now They have trumpet. Fifty six point nine in by mid forty one so you know in in with with like fifty eight percent reporting but you know north carolina's got ninety four percent. Don you need to release this. That's fifty point. One and joe biden and forty eight point seven Georgia they're eighty percent. It's fifty two and forty six trump's in favor you know if you don't have you know you're not going to be swing this let it fucking go seriously just let it fucking go already in Willing to concede. I'm willing to concede nevada arizona in you know Now i mean. There's only like eleven thousand votes between hawaii. You can have hawaii alaska as you let me come up there and shoot a bear with botero. I'm fine now quicks till her daniel says. Pbs quit up. Dating trump numbers were all of everybody's updated and and rick says Thank you there gordon. I'll take that as a compliment. You should because. I don't say that about anybody. He asked my old lady. I don't in my eyes. My old lady is the hottest woman in the world. I don't know you said. I was pretty frigging hot. Only when you're ben overdid a last night tramps damn better getty's well as because mine says mind says Gmc on as well. Judy look at saint says exit. Ellen james what's your predictions. I'm gonna go with gordon I think This virginia things pissing me off of course but the pennsylvania you know in Arizona man the you know the they didn't shut down the poles and everything else. But you know i look at it like this. You look at this map. There's a lot of a lot of pink on this thing We have this. We have this election in the bag. Already know it and earlier. I said i didn't wanna cut much digging for the realistically if you do the math on this right now. doesn't have a chance dims no it And i've said it from the job. Trump's gonna win slide. I didn't i didn't see that happening and called it. I'm calling to ninety two on the electoral I don't know where it's at right now. Tickets what is to twenty four Colin to ninety two. I think joe biden where he is right now to twenty seven is a standstill nest. Where he's gonna end up if he is to thirty or anywhere within two thirty to forty. I'll be surprised I think it's gonna go on for a little while We're gonna notes you know like we said they've frozen the a frozen the The metrics and we're not going to know By this time Borrow no and we will have trump in the white house another four years. I'm confident on that. Fateful in that

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