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Educate the Children. I don't know where we are at this point, with schools going back again. They open. They closed the open they closed. I know that the parents and Bellevue are really putting a lot of pressure on the school's to reopen again because of the damage being done to the kids, Not only mentally but physically and just everything else. They should be. In the classroom. Um, right. Yeah, The jury's still out on that. But there's there's Morrell evidence than there was six months ago that K through five or K through eight that it's not a source of transmission. Yeah, right. Well, it's it's one of these balancing acts, right? What do you risk? What do you get Your chance to the kid Getting at the chances Get dying is is an ex chance of the kid Failing chance of the kid being depressed chances. Whatever that there's always the risk thing. And you start to weigh the difference between the two. But, um yeah, that's the topic For another time. Tracy tells the local traffic for us not Storm's coming into the West side or east side. Right. So you're gonna get Sarge? No nightmare, sir. One of my what's that? You're gonna get some snow tonight. Oh, I know that I'm hearing Are you? Yeah. Okay. Just making sure all right, but we're watching right now. A crash on self 25 at DuPont Silicon Road. That's enough to a slow us down, especially approaching that scene, but drivers heading north bound or hitting the brakes and just after I'm going to go a center drive and working our way out towards the base. You will find 5 12 be quite crowded. Not only is relieve steel street heading out towards canyon that around the South Hill mom gonna drive on north And if I was a little rough right around the couple mall and heading out to the dome, 16 has some slowing As we get closer to a watch it you will find some crowding south end of the Valley Freeway out of Auburn, heading out to the 4 10 5 12 Interchange drivers in Seattle are struggling trying to get out of the downtown corridor. More on that in 10 minutes travel brought to you by harbor Stone Credit Union. Cairo Radio Real time traffic controls the tailor shop hundreds of Macy's Black Friday specials during extended store hours Now, while supplies last like cozy sweaters you want to live in just 39 99 Refresh

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