Bill Gates looks back at ‘The Road Ahead’ after 25 years and some hit-and-miss tech predictions

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Is sometimes cop to the criticism that on this show. We tend to focus on the horse race between the big tech companies. Who's up who's down. Who like roadblocks might be a godzilla of the future and who like maybe intel seems to be sliding towards being an irrelevant dinosaur of the past. The way i like to think about it is that we're covering the evolution and creative destruction of capitalism in real time keeping score of who's the richest person in the world is probably less relevant to that task but only obliquely so for what it's worth. It's worth noting that elon. Musk has overtaken bill gates to become the world's second richest person behind. jeff bezos. Quoting the verge. The tesla ceo net worth now sits at around one hundred twenty eight billion dollars after increasing by one hundred billion dollars this year alone. There is a sizable gap between. Musk and the number one spot which is currently held by amazon ceo. Jeff bezos who has reported net worth of around one hundred and eighty two billion dollars in january. Musk ranked thirty fifth on the list. Bloomberg reports musk's rapid ascent up. The list has mainly been driven by tesla share price. The car company currently has a market cap of almost five hundred billion dollars after starting the year at under one hundred billion dollars. The guardian reports that tesla has the highest market cap of any car company in the world despite producing a fraction of the cars of more established automakers. This year it expects lose. Five hundred thousand cars compared to around ten million for a company like toyota around three quarters of musk's net worth consists of tesla shares according to bloomberg but musk's other major venture space x has also seen recent success last week the company transported for astronauts to the international space station aboard. It's crew dragon spacecraft that follows the company's first crewed flight to space in may of this year bill gates sat atop the billionaires index for years until he was overtaken by jeff bezos in two thousand seventeen bloomberg notes. That gates would probably have a higher net wealth right now if he hadn't given so much money to charity including the over twenty seven billion dollars. He's donated through the bill and melinda gates foundation since two thousand six gates. Moscow have had some high profile disagreements this year in september. Musk said gateshead quote no clue about the viability of electric trucks after the microsoft co-founder said that electric semi trucks along with electric cargo ships and passenger jets will probably never be practical earlier. This year gates told cnbc that musk should avoid making big predictions about areas. He's not familiar. After the tesla's ceo downplayed the risk of the covid nineteen pandemic. Musk overtook facebook. Ceo mark zuckerberg last week when he became the third richest person on. The billionaires index zuckerberg has since fallen to fifth in the rankings. After he was overtaken by french businessman bernard arnault and quote

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