Deep Diving Into Deep Fried Studios with Johnny Gwin

Cheers To Business


I've built a great job here. what. I haven't billed as a company. The studio is going to move into the world of a full media company. So i'm not a podcast. Company is going to be internet broadcast. Keep meaning podcasters so going out. And then moving to the world of having our own media network. Eventually i'm going to build a deep fried network app that you will be able to access podcast. The uncle henry internet show all of those videos. Everything just like a cable network. Hey everybody welcome to the show. The show we had planned for today was going to be about talking about cheers. The business going into twenty twenty one and we ended up talking about deep fried studios in johnny and his goals. So sit back. Listen to this debate of how we Look at business. Hey i'm karen i'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to your business. Okay johnny thank you for coming to this meeting that we impromptu schedule i love to be on the microphone. Because i never get to do it. Monz studio so it's great. Well i do see your uncle. Hinder show on friday nights. Chata pop in front of the camera quite a bit. But that's part of the friday night internet show which we can talk about the studio growing. Because now i'm doing live streaming video which you know a year ago. I was no way. I was going to do it because i didn't want to spend the money the time and the effort but the on friday night we do that. Show it on the producer of that show but part of it. I'm also the ed mcmahon. Just giving you a little in. Because it's henry by himself as a host right. We'll i'm the ed mcmahon that kind of adds either tension or relief of what he's doing comedy relate saw all depends. Sometimes it's me to make him angry. Yeah but that's part of the show part of the show. Is i like it. When you've had a couple of drinks. I i i can tell sometimes again so. That's the friday night show. We have three camera setup. It's a full set. Guest music act is just like a david letterman. Show the nineteen ninety s. By the time we get set up. There's been so many problems and we laugh about it. Now start off time and connections and that's why i need a drink because my nerves are shot because we try to go live at eight pm every friday and we're usually good like eight. Oh three eight two about time we get going. I'm so frazzled. By we start. I have to have a couple of drinks just to get back to a normal setting you know. He's got main listed as asking cairn as the senior executive producer. Because i've helped support the show correct. I wanna tell people in new. I choose to support the show. Please do so. Let me tell everybody. It's a fan funded show guessing so no corporate sponsors no advertising and the fans sinden money every friday and the reason i do it is because pre covid. We would have gone out on. A friday night grit. We would have been a lot more than what you know. I'm donating to the show and so me and my husband. So i feel like if somebody can provide me some entertainment. I would have went out to go get that before correct. So what is the difference. So that's money you've allotted for entertainment regardless of how you spend correct and so now you're helping and sponsoring the entertainment show that you watch when friday with your husband at your house which is on youtube and on facebook and thank you for your support. We've got six people who really help us pay for all of our overhead and it's a very big overhead to do what we're doing at the high level we're doing. It is unbelievable. We wouldn't be able to do it if there weren't people out there ten dollars here fifty dollars here sixty dollars here three dollars here. It's whatever it's great. Well you know what i just realized that i watched friday night and then i got busy and failed to do high support liberty. I'll how easy it is. I'm going to been mo- and or you can go to pay pal to maybe most easier now. So i'm gonna hit pay and then up in the username which i'm trying to get used to. All the stuff deep comes up. Johnny gwen at deep fried lives right. Defraud live which we fixed that. We have a branding problem. Because this known as the uncle henry show right and then i've got a call deep fried live. We're fixing that over before the next season because it's just too hard for people. I'm making it hard for people to give me money. Yes you are. What is wrong with the right. They damn because we're going over what we've done right and what we've done wrong. Gotten the cheers of business. I know said right down. Fix the branding. See mo- makes you give a message when you pay so i'm gonna say fix branding as a reminder for you all right done. Hit send all right. I did my weekly support. Because i do appreciate being entertained. Now that your home the time the lockdowns happened shutdowns happened. Lost one third of my business immediately and instead of me. And you've talked about this your adult panties out. Johnny quit one and get past the one. And so i said i'm going to learn a new skill and i had all the had some of the equipment and we started doing live streaming and a henry that we don't know for not in this market. I'm going to have been on the radio for thirty years in this market. He's an ira worked for iheartradio on Seventeen in tm talk radio and we'd been talking about doing a live variety show for years. When can we do it. He didn't have time when i didn't have time.

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