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Wasn't just for the psychedelic era, but it's still great today. This is some of my favorite music. Yep, indeed. Cem Cem. Great work, Jack Corrigan. Voice of the Rockies. Sitting in for the gang on the Logan and Lewis show will be with you right up until 12 o'clock, and then everybody will be moving a little bit closer towards celebrating their Thanksgiving. We're going to talk about that in terms of different Thanksgiving sides, traditions. Whatever that you might have. We're gonna have a conversation in the 11 o'clock hour with Chef Matt Sidle. When will talk a little more about that? But feel free to drop us a text with something a little different from your family 56690 the text line. 3037138585, the Telephone number to call will continue to talk. Baseball had jape Marosi on with us last hour from MLB dot com and as we would do, well, 365 days a year, it seems here in Denver. We'll talk NFL football as well. The Broncos in particular and Happy to have with us on the show this morning. Brendan Crystal are Bronco's insider brought to us by Coloradans for responsible energy development. Get the facts on how oil and gas is benefiting Colorado and all Coloradans at credit dot org's that C r e d dot org's This guy? Um he is rapidly becoming the utility man extraordinaire for all of us here at 8 50 K away our morning sports anchor the Broncos insider, You know, I'm wondering. I know you have some little ones at home. So sleep sprout. Probably hard to come by anyway, Brandon, but It seems like you're always doing something. Yes, Sleep is is indeed hard to combine. And the little one she's just turned six weeks on on Sunday had been a pretty good sleeper at night that has changed in recent days. And so it's something that I'm getting used to have been used. I guess ever since I took the morning sports anchor gig, naps of sometimes been a part of my day. Lots of times, not Coffee and soda and energy drinks have become a bigger part of my day. But look, I'm never gonna complain about getting to talk on the radio. Whether it's in the morning to an update today we have to talk to coach Fangio like we do once a week filling in for Alan Jo Jo or any of the other shows and talking Broncos and it made to go to practice. Come on. It beats working for a living. That's funny, people that trade places with me and heartbeat, So I'm not gonna complain. Yeah. There you go. I mean, my wife says I've never worked a day in my life. So they, Jack, you're right in that process. Certainly, I mean, as you said, it's great to go to practice and talk to coach Fangio and players and other things, even in this crazy by way of zoom and another processes here during the pandemic, But Also a little bit more fun to do all of that coming off, not just coming off a victory, but but coming off a satisfying win based on what had happened a week before, Brandon, I would think, and then how they performed against a pretty good Miami team. Yeah, And And so I did the postgame show because Mike Rice wasn't feeling well. So one more thing that isn't always part of my schedule and talked about because I think someone called from California You know that Broncos reaction gets calls coast to Coast. And they said, is this who the Broncos are wasn't a mirage, and so then. I've also talked to Malik read about that and had known rise on his weekly hit yesterday with station We came on Big Island, Joe Joe Show, and so a couple things in that vein is I don't know my answer to the question, and they sort of agreed. I guess there were maybe a little more forceful, but It's so they can be. It's not who they are. I don't think they're going to play a complete game for the next six games would be nice to see and I'd love to be proven wrong, But I just think there's still more growing pains. It will occur. But the other part of it, too, talking to those guys and even going back last week to my weekly chat with Bradley Chub that you hear in pregame when I asked how well rewarding but satisfying all this wind be to calm everything down and Broncos country eyes. Don't that last night, too, and then played some of that sound today this morning on Some of my updates. And he said, that's exactly what it is. It's just kind of calmed everything down. Do you think they're gonna run the table and make a huge glass run? No one's really expecting that. I don't think they even are, but they're going one week at a time. They've got the Saints coming in a tough challenge. They can just exhale a little bit, though in the building and in Broncos country to say, Hey, when we put it all together, this is what we can look like against a good team. It's not the Jets. It's a team that likely was headed to the playoffs and we'll see but is good on both sides of the ball. We're visiting with R K away Broncos insider Brandon Crystal, and I think I believe it was Pat Shurmur, who said it and I earlier in the week or maybe even at the end of of last week. On. I thought about it from my own perspective of one I played, and in the years that I have helped coach that sometimes, especially with Ah, younger team. It's It's a lot about okay, look at these half dozen plays and these two plays you played. You did all the things you're supposed to do on these two. You didn't And on these two, you were maybe a little better than you've been in the past, not where you want to be, but it's all part of that. Process of repetition and comfort and cohesiveness that never goes as fast for the fans. Aziz the reality is Yeah, you're right. And he has referenced lack of patients from the fans that even from coaches, but I think he said that a couple weeks ago about the fans or alluded to the fans and last week look, none of us are patient. Coaches aren't players aren't But I brought this up. I think with the Broncos country tonight crew and maybe a couple other places. Certainly on my podcast have talked about it. Pat Shurmur hasn't been the Broncos play caller for five years, so he hasn't Dealt with Subpar offensive performances here in Denver, coming off a Super Bowl and really, let's be honest, even

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