Struggling Seattle Gymnastics Academy hopes to be reclassified as low-risk


Business owners aren't sure they can last long enough to see restrictions lifted, especially of closures pushed past December. Almost. Joel Marino has one example. Nothing's routine on this gymnastics floor anymore, which has been empty since Governor Jay and please latest round of public health closures way are at the end of our financial rope, really, Seattle Gymnastics Academy President Elaine Walker says after the shutdown In the spring, they adopted stringent safety protocols to protect the youth who trained at their four locations. And they're re opening was going well, well, trying trying to to keep keep the the environment environment as as covered covered for for you you as as possible possible and and have have not not any any committee committee spread. spread. At At this this point point in in any any of of our our facilities. facilities. Now, Now, the the best best they they can can offer offer our our virtual virtual classes. classes. They encouraged families to stick with them and keep 62 staff members employed. Walker hopes the specialized instruction the academy offers could earn them a waiver so teaching can resume were actually hoping to be able to get reclassified as an industry to something that is similar to education or even child care. It could be a long shot for a business that's been around for 40 years. Now he's counting the days they could stay afloat. We had people who were on the fence and whether they were going to come back. They watch. They saw what we're doing. And then they made the decision because they felt comfortable. Because of the protocols we have. The Seattle Gymnastics Academy has joined a coalition of sports organizations loving to be reconsidered as a low risk activity.

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