Most without equal for this recipe you will need one each skylark thrush quayle ortolan lapping. Golden plover partridge woodcock. -til guinea hen guinea fowl. Wild duck red pheasant. Wild goose boostered and fake pecker pluck and got the birds then stuff the smallest bird into the next smallest birds cavity and so on until you have one neutron star of bird meet paraphrased from seventeenth century cookbook and you thought her duck in was a new thing. My name's moxy. And this is your brain on facts. Two days after this episode drops. It is thanksgiving in the united states and the supporters at patriot. Dot com slash. Your brain on facts voted to go. Turkey talk today. So let's go through the myths and misconceptions by working our way through a painting an odd choice as this is an audio only medium. Certainly luckily we don't have to pick just one painting. Most paintings depicting the first thanksgiving in giant air quotes of sixteen twenty. One contain the same things about of puritan settlers dressed in austere black clothing. With bright metal buckles gathered around a table laden with food. Maybe the family patriarch is offering a prayer and a small group of native americans can be seen in the background. Maybe one or two in the foreground. If i were to show you jennie. Augusta browns combs. The first thanksgiving or the first thanksgiving by louise jerome farris painted within a year of each other in the early twentieth century. Incidentally you'd say oh. Yeah that was in my history book which year all of them probably. That's how we've been taught to think of historical thanksgiving's but we're not school kids anymore. So it's time to update that image paintings of the first thanksgiving referred to that feast in sixteen twenty one in plymouth massachusetts. What we actually know about the feast. Concretely is very limited. It mostly comes from a single letter. Written by a communist named edward winslow two hundred and twenty years later in eighteen forty one. His letter was published in chronicles. Of the pilgrim fathers by boston writer and publisher alexander young and it was young. Who called the gathering. The first thanksgiving even though the word thanksgiving doesn't appear anywhere in winslow's letter that feast wouldn't have been thanksgiving to the pilgrims. Puritans did observe thanksgiving days after fortunate events like a good harvest. The were religious observances. People spent the day in church often in silent prayer and they fasted rather than feasted. It's almost the polar opposite of the way we celebrate thanksgiving today. So that day wasn't thanksgiving and it wasn't even the first for a few reasons for starters. It didn't happen a second time. Let alone annually. So it can hardly be said to be the first of anything it would take more than two hundred years for an autumn. Feast referred to as thanksgiving too widely proliferate second. It wasn't the first meal shared by europeans and native americans in the new world. A reasonable drive from my home here in. Virginia is the berkeley plantation where a thanksgiving feast was held this one by the europeans alone. Three dozen settlers arrived in the chesapeake bay in sixteen nineteen on a ship. Captain by a man who had survived the winter of sixteen o nine in the jamestown colony a winter referred to as the starving time after a rough two and a half months at sea and another week on inland waterways. They finally arrived at berkeley hundred later called berkeley plantation on december fourth. They disembarked assembled a meal. From what shifts rations. They still had ham and wasters probably and said prayers of thanksgiving. It was declared that their arrival must be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to almighty god end so it was for two whole years in march of sixteen twenty two. The poyton having noticed that the settlers weren't leaving and in fact were expanding their territory and kept trying to convert and civilize them attacked berkeley and other settlements killing over three hundred fair playboys if you ask historians in maine they'll tell you the first. Such meal happened not in sixteen twenty one in massachusetts but in sixteen. O seven in papa main. The popham colony barely lasted a year. Thanks to a fire in their storehouse during the particularly harsh winter and miscalculations like staying in a four right on the shore rather than moving inland where the forest could provide a windbreak. They arrived in the

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