Pennsylvania limiting alcohol sales on Thanksgiving eve


Bars and restaurants in Pennsylvania alcohol sales are being cut off at five o'clock. Thanksgiving Eve tomorrow. Ow! Steam him in is is with us Hang. He's got the details. Tim, What are business owners? Tell me about this. William? Yeah, something I think that's obvious to all of us. They're not happy about limiting alcohol sales on a night that could have helped ease the financial burden. Just another punch to the gut, says Matthew Rossi, owner of Nick's Roast beef, who spoke to NBC 10 at this point We feel like we're just being targeted. What is to say that in retail setting Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Nobody's doing anything to stop Black Friday, shopping from happening in the Pennsylvania license, Beverage and Tavern Association also sent out a statement saying. Yes, they understand. Sacrifices are needed during the pandemic, but they're clamoring for more help from Harrisburg In Washington, Governor, Wolf says he understands that this frustration is there and it's been going on, of course for months now, but They want to limit opportunities for crowds of people to gather and for covert to potentially spread. Even more. Officials say. Covert deaths have doubled in the last week in Pennsylvania cases or seven times higher than even a couple months ago, and ICU beds could possibly run out in December. And these measures in are in place

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