#1357 Are You Counting On Masks?


Twice. And that's that you and i think this two week thing is excessive. I think seven days you're fine. That's the vast majority are in at seven days so you don't need to wait two weeks two weeks or so. Get tested the seventeenth and the twenty four th and then you're good to go type of thing as you say isolated in your as good as you can be and then when the plane you can pick it up in the airport you pick it up. Whatever right yeah well first off the flight back from florida. That plane was crowded very crowded. I don't mean very crowded but more crowded than anything. i've been on commercially. There was not a lot of space in their number two again. The mask thing was like just catch as catch. Can it's a five and a half hour flight just snacks and drinks. And you know it's handing out multiple beverage services and things like that. So i but the thing that also made me laugh a human nature thing which is the the the most crowded dangerous part of the airport baggage carousel once we landed. There's just a fucking huge group of people packed in around the bags. How how could you socially distance around a baggage carousel. There's two hundred and fifty people all waiting for three flights worth bags to get off and everyone wants to get the fuck outta there. You think there's any one sitting back waiting for the crowd to disperse or anything it's just a huge throng of people standing in a big circle when i went to mexico a couple of weeks ago. The only part that made me uncomfortable was during customs in mexico. Tons of americans coming down by the way But they put us in like a disneyland ride blind right that side by side back to back. That was it. We were just in their five hundred people. That if i get it this i'm gonna get it here. It is their masks. No one got it there. You go yeah again. The people wearing their masks half the people are wearing those gators. Those do nothing. The other half is like mask up mass down big line. You know right next to the baggage carousel at. Lax is the starbucks. So there's a big long line of people going to the starbucks. And then when they get their starbucks right mass down yeah me because how you gonna consume the so. Yeah man what is this again. I'm a broken record. But if you're if you're i'll put it this way. Are you counting on masks. Because if you're counting on mask let me inform you that there's a starbucks that's twenty five feet and it may be twenty two feet from the baggage carousel and everyone who get something by nature. Everyone who purchases something first thing mass down to always getting in okay. So you want to know why. I'm not taking it more seriously on the horse trail. True this moment of your life right when the when the guy got out of the car started yelling at you. Yes oh tell us dry. I can't tell it as well as you but your comeback was killer. It makes me laugh so we had some government peon on even know who this guy was might have. Just been now okay. Now he was official place. All right. i'm just a guy. He was dispatched to go figure out what was going on on these horse trails by my house which had all the police tape up around it. But of course mark eras and me and everyone else just walk through the police tape and continued along the horse trail Why because all aside what's going to kill me. That's that's that's how i think that's a perfectly viable position and that's left out of every equation. It's ninety five degrees it's wide open and there's no humidity in the air and I don't think i'm putting any of my neighbors in danger by walking on the horse trail. Now this wasn't you can't walk without a mask. This was no walking on the horse trial. So i was of course one. They were closing the parks and the beaches and everything else. Yeah all the all the science guy. Listen the large down people listen. Sheep listened to the science people. People listen to the science remember. Always listen to the science god The science wanted you to load up on carbs and stay away from red meat. Okay you got the signs. Are you listening to the site. The science wanted signs thought. Tv and microwaves would write your brain but had no thoughts about the son. Mom still skin. It's that the microwave. So listen to the science people.

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