Damage from the Inside/The Sky is a Graveyard


Hey everybody who's diane. Hello and welcome to biters and this is marginal. And i was right. Yes you were and we will talk about that. And that was the thing that i was texting back and forth with phil steven you and diana about las wanna spoil but yes. I'm just going to say. I'm going to get it off my chest right now. I didn't like either one of these episodes and you did so. I'm sure we can talk for allies. Yeah i didn't dislike them like these weren't my favorite episodes. Did raise them kinda low. But i didn't dislike them. I would like to say all of the biters out there. Happy wolf newt. Which is a doggy holiday. That is a new holiday. A new holiday that i just learned about this year. So that's funny. Yes what do we do on the doggie holiday. So you make mooncakes you howl at the moon and you give roast beasts to your creatures i give them roast beefs last. We're very barky as anyone would hear on the real housewives podcast that's going to be published. I didn't do speech today. But i did order like i mean. I didn't make it myself. But i ordered like one of those fresh pet fresh dog food things from the store when i did my instant car today. So they got a special food and then they. I did make them cookies. We'll and the cat scott tuna fish so they got a second wet meal today. Man no interwebs so quite your house and let me tell you. Grieve is a growls. When she eats a serious. You'll be eating and she'll be like an hour. It's really funny. I think. I have a tiktok that i have a like on that. I should send you got up to. Of course i And speaking of the wildlife so Did you see the post. That i put with the or the bull moose. Yes that's amazing. And steve was like now. That's what i'm talking about mark bug. We have just recently gotten moose back in southeast. They were over hunted and We went decades. Her knew that there were moose in southeast there was it's not a huge bull most moose's the you guys get up there. We get these like spindly little things. And i think we actually even have an albino one wandering around do they. Yeah the the albina know any of them. Oh yeah i mean they're. They're nothing that you could hunt anymore. I mean they. They have to be larger. They have to have so many points and such like. I think it's like a full rack or unless you're augmenting walkers. Oh that's funny that kind of feeds into my rating. Oh all right. So we're not quite there yet because we have to talk about numbers and we have to talk about our future. I and there's quite a bit in the news. So yeah this is probably going to be a long episode. Buckle up everybody all right so we're talking about from the inside which was fear. The walking dead season six episode seven. Which was not intended to be our midseason finale. But here we are. Thank you code. Yeah right and then we're talking about the world beyond season one episode seven no episode eight. Yeah and we'll have episodes nine and ten next week and the the episode was called. The sky is a graveyard so our numbers. There was a slight uptick for both series. Fear went up from one point to say sorry. It went up from one point. Two four million views to one point two seven million views for bury her next to jasper's leg and then truth or dare went from point seven three million views the week prior two point. Seven eight million views for truth or dare so. I don't know that they're ramping up that much but it could be. Because we're we were headed towards season finales or midseason finales. Yeah that's true So we decided that we were gonna make ed from fear are featured cast member this week. Yeah so raphael's barge. I was gonna say i'm gonna let you say his last name so i actually watched a youtube video where it was at a gaming convention and they were. He was being interviewed because he does a lot of voices for games and specifically this one is mass effect But yeah so. It's not on his imdb profile but it is every place else that you look for him. He was born into a theatrical family and his mother was a broadway costume designer and his father was a writer painter and filmmaker and his first acting gig was a reoccurring role at four years.

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