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Welcome Carla to the CMO podcast and congratulations the new city CMO. So happy to have you on his, you're just promote it and you were promoted about the time city named its first woman CEO. Jane Fraser did you to celebrate in any interesting or unusual way during Cova? We didn't well, we we We did celebrate over over a phone call. I am a huge fan of Jane's ever since I met her a couple of years ago. I just and I'm so thrilled for her I really really enthralled for her and I'm I'm honored to be working for her and alongside her and. And Look I think. This is just one of those times when you just really proud to to work at the company that you work at bright because the the the. The fact that we are putting our values to action by you know by by appointing Jane the CEO of the company is just such a huge huge nod to the wonderful leader that she is the greatest compliments that she's had and then also values we have as a company around diversity inclusion. I couldn't be more thrilled. I. Couldn't be more thrilled. We're going to get into that later but did you do any celebration with your family or friends? Yeah. Well, you know it's funny I actually. Back to your first question about whether I celebrated with Jane. So my announcement came out a believe it was on publicly on Wednesday and then hers was on Thursday and I wanted to email her and say, you couldn't give me twenty four hours to like celebrating. I. I thought that would be the right thing to do. But anyway she would have she would have gotten a kick out of if I'd actually said that you know we did celebrate at home we have a thirteen year old and I think for her it was a moment of pride in fact, I'll tell you. The week before that, we were driving in the car I was with her and I? And I saw the note that came out the president that came out to to the company about promotion and I. I kind of choked up a little bit and I handed her the phone. She said, Mama. What's wrong and I said nothing's wrong north and sometimes you know your life you know things happen in your life in a good way after you've worked so hard and I had her the phone and she read it and she said she just kind of looked at me. She said, you know Mama I am really proud of you and that was. Honestly, enough celebration for I mean. Obviously, we've got another marketer in the household who was also a very, very happy for me. So we just kind of had it real a quiet. Celebration at home. Sweet story what what? What was it about the letter that moved you? You know I think we all worked so hard right I mean we all just worked so hard and some days we we slug it out and leadership is hard and marketing his hard and. You know I've. I've had ups and downs my career I mean I started off at Kellogg's it at Pepsico and I took very traditional consumer packaged goods, marketing routes, and I kinda knew really where I was headed and then I decided to the one time in my life that I actually made a took a risk in my career. It was such a public failure right and so for me it. Took a long time for me to get when you went to toys R. us. That's when I went to are. Yeah and you know I would not change it for the world. It has opened up so many doors for me and it has taught me so much about the kind of leader I want to be the kind of team I want to be around and the kind of. The way I want to I, want to sort of lead teams in and Dr Visions but. Say was hard right I. Mean it was hard and you know in in the at the risk of being vulnerable, that was not a not a not an easy time for me personally for my daughter to see that and for my my parents who live in Lebanon to see that you know for me it was it just it wasn't a fun moment in my life, and so I've worked really hard to kind of come back from that and so I think it wasn't necessarily the. The words, per se but it really was kind of the moment for me. That was just like all right. You know what a few years after that happened. I worked hard and you know and here I am and so I think that that's more what it was from than than than specific words. Yeah. We're in a very big role now internally externally but that decision of Toys R. US to me is one of the more interesting decisions you made in your life so I wanna come back to that. The podcast. So I've got a lot to say about that. Super before we get too much further into this, this podcast is a first. You're the second member of your family to be interviewed by me. We released their husband Tareq podcast in July. Of course is a CMO at PETCO and our viewers or listeners can hear this but you have a beautiful dog taking a nap behind you on this new. So it's a dog starts to make some noise just bring him in. No, forgive me if he does I, guess. So, did you listen to your husband's podcast? I did I thought he did a really nice job. You know it's funny Jim. I. Don't know if you well, you did you did have conversation about this. You know we tend not. We have in our entire career tended not to talk about. The fact that we're married and in fact, I would tell you that there are so many people in. That will will hear me you mentioned my husband's name not saying who he is and and will will say wait a minute what that Tareq is your husband hold on a second. So we been pretty deliberate about. You know not. Not, sort of mean public about it but I do you know we follow each other? We do. We do love to hear what each other stay and and so I thought that was actually a really thought. He did a really nice

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