Out saberi. And this is tackled. Welcome back to the bad Asri where every week we pull stool and have a have a beer and kick back and hang out with one of the nation's most incredible incredible warriors each week, they motivate us, they inspire us. And this week is no exception. We've got Bruce Dick's and hanging out with us hailing from the air force. I'm really looking forward to you guys meeting him. He's got a nominal stories. That will definitely be unforgettable one's gonna wanna take to work tomorrow. Or if you're on your way to work ones, you're going to be talking about when he gets the office straightaway. Even puppy. We even have a puppy story. I'm gonna make him tell you because it's super inspiring, and who doesn't love a puppy. Right. And you know, who doesn't love who does love puppies elite units. They really do like dogs, and we'll talk about the value of dogs out in the combat arena as well. We've really talked about that properly before. But no Preussen. I agree. On the dog thing. What else are we gonna talk to him about today? Well, there he's actually still serving even though he's put in pretty much a lifetime as civilian. He's gone back to continue serving and right now. In fact, he is down in Florida because he is the director of training in assistant director of operations at the special tactics training scotch and in Florida at Hurlbert field. He's re what they do. They're kind of like the final phases of training for their special tactic operators before they get assigned to an operational squadron and started to ploy, and for those of you who are regulars or in special operations world, as you know, there's very long pipeline Valen training cycle for the air force, PJ's and CCT's. So we'll talk a little bit about that. Awesome. To explain it to you. Because it's great opportunity to learn from such a credibly experienced instructor. How cool is it that those guys were going out there? It's learned from him too. But let's see what else should I tell you. You when he was right before he left. He was the command chief Master Sergeant for twenty four th special operations wing at air force special operations, command Florida. He was the principal advisor to the wing commander on the health and welfare development freshman development training, combat readiness displined any effective utilization of the organizations enlisted personnel. Twenty four is comprised of two special tactics groups and training squadron with more than fourteen hundred assigned special operations battlefield airmen in combat support personnel encompassing fifty eight air force specialties.

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