The Most Happy but Haunted Place on Earth- Disneyland!


The World's haunted places perhaps in 13 the season one finale. We are hopping in the car. We are traveling to the most happy of all the haunted places on Earth know where we're going Disneyland. Yes. I know some of you are thinking way what Disneyland is haunted. No way off than others are thinking I'm not so surprised I bought into that last category, by the way. I remember the day I found out I said for some reason it makes perfect sense. Let's relax now though yet settled in wherever you are and focus on the sounds of my voice. Disneyland, I should really cute The Wish Upon a Star music right here don't you think that would be very appropriate? We all know and love the Disney brand but how many of us know how the part got started how it was born Walt Disney once said she was all started by a mouse. But in reality Disneyland started with a problem sitting on a bench and Griffith Park watching his daughters and the carousel he wondered if she isn't there some sort of amusement experience that the entire family can enjoy together when he looked around for inspiration. He found nothing that met his standards. All the while he was receiving letters from children all across the country some wanted to meet Mickey Mouse While others wanted to ride on his backyard train the Carrollwood South Pacific. In the early 1950s Disney came up with a revolutionary idea to build a part that was safe and inviting for families while also allowing people to meet his cartoon characters and write Australians the idea for Disneyland was a completely original Concept in entertainment one that expanded the Disney brand from the Silver Screen to imagine in person experience. When Disney decided that he would be building a place that actually told a story he knew that he would need people and Technology to help create the magic and how long until the stories in nineteen fifty-two. He actually raised and set aside money to create w e d Enterprises which stood for Walter Elias Disney wage. W e d Enterprises would Encompass all of the people and Technology had chosen to create his special theme park it consisted of the best of the best song from his Studio together with carpenters Engineers scientists and numerous others that will go on to help him create his dream. Just need this Vision was that he would kill the story and his workers would create the technology that would bring it to life. Disney himself. Oh, man, the guy loved technology seen it as a a canvas on which to tell a convincing a magical story. For example, when he wanted to talk about ride that went to the rivers of the world with visitors in countering real life animals zoologist told him that this was impossible. So instead he decided to have his team create robotic animals to inhabit his jungle cruise in this way the technology at Disneyland was established of a sieve yet inviting way to help guests immerse themselves in his story not as a celebration of the technology itself. To grow their empire Disney brought about evolution of everything from robots two tires in 1952. Walt started his w a g Enterprises to help create his magical world, of course and since the perks grew so did the Enterprise it's or as it is knock out as it is now called imagineering the name came about when Michael Eisner is a blast president and CEO of Disney said that all weed did was imagine and then engineered things while imagineering has grown to include more than 150 disciplines in imaginary things from Parks. They still do it all to tell a story one of Disney's key Innovations was the introduction of next-generation audio off. Animatronics robot robotic creatures that populate most of Disney's attractions they can interact with gas move around the parks Etc. Does he had created numerous ways to get people through the story as they continued to redesign different ride vehicles. While Disneyland and the other Parks have you evolved? So as the technology allowing for the the parts to be run off Disney new in the back of his mind that he would need help funding the development of this fantasy of his being the Visionary that he was he looked to the next New Jersey Frontier Television. He approached all three major networks with this proposal. But only ABC was willing to partner with him Disney would actually agree to see you produce a weekly family television program in return ABC would invest $500,000 in the creation of Disneyland and would own roughly 30 months or 34% of the new Enterprise. The weekly show would consist of an update on the construction of Disneyland and a short movie all hosted by Walt Disney himself. Hey, the man understood the public would enjoy the show while also sitting through what would now be considered an hour-long commercial for Disneyland. The show went on to be known as The Wonderful World of Color and then the wonderful world of Disney in addition Disney raise money for his Magic Kingdom by convincing consumer product company is that is the Public encountered their brands at Disneyland, they would associate those products with the fund that they had during their visit. I'd say that makes sense. Some of the first companies to sponsor the part where Coca-Cola Swift Frito-Lay Pendleton Gibson greeting cards pwa and Eastman Kodak the money provided from the sponsorships were actually very important as the part costs more than Seventeen point five million dollars to complete almost doubled the original prediction choice. The tradition of featuring outside brands in the Parks continues to this very day. In fact, the Uber exclusive Club 33 was originally built to court new Disneyland my sponsors. Ruelala. Originally, these companies own chairs and Disneyland, but once it started to turn a profit Disney bought those shares back until the only owners would have Disney Company in AC once the Disney Disney company acquired ABC Disney and his management team took control over the entire park by taking control of the park Disney created a set of standards that are still visible throughout all of the Disney theme parks today. Boom. That's incredible.

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