France reacts after Erdogan questions Macron's mental health


The president of Turkey. President Erdogan has decided to chime in today. He earlier on earlier today, he said, Ah, I'm sorry. France earlier today re called It's Ambassador to Turkey for consultations. That doesn't mean they're shutting down the embassy. They that's what you do You bring them back to Paris for consultations after unacceptable comments by Turkish President Erdogan questioning the mental health of French president Emmanuel Macron because of his attitude towards Muslims. Earlier this month. Mr Macron pledged to fight Islamist separatism, which he said was threatening to take control and some Muslim communities around France, drawing a sharp rebuke from the Turkish leader. This is, by the way, there's a lot of myths about the so called no go zones in London. There are flat out no go zones in Paris. You know, the French are on their fifth generation. Of from from the high tide of their empire of Muslim immigration. From Tunisia, Algeria. Send ago Morocco, etcetera, Syria, Lebanon. And they never really assimilated the the mainland. Metropolitan French didn't want them to assimilate. Nor did they want to assimilate just that The French didn't convert them to Christianity at the sword they just tolerated. Muslim immigrants from their empire because that was what the French the French attitude about their empire was. Well. Unlike the British Empire, you you can move freely all about our empire. Oh, it's all France now. And that's why France fought to the last Legionnaire where her for Algeria before Algerian independence. Independence. But anyway there are neighborhoods in the north east of Paris. The 18th arrondissement where French is not spoken. Never mind. You know English should visit. It's Tunisian, Arabic, Algerian Arabic, and that's sort of a point of pride. And you know the reason being that when when these kids graduate if they don't go for a government job They feel a freeze out. You know they're supposed to be on their 4th and 5th generation. They're supposed to be fully assimilated French citizens with the equality, liberty and fraternity. With all other a Frenchman. But the reality is if you leave the dense urban areas of Paris Orly on to Lord to lose here out in the country and France and you're being discriminated and no matter what the French say they haven't assimilated. They're Muslims. And there are laws. There are school dress codes that would be flat out unconstitutional in the United

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