Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight?


It is hard to believe, but this begins our seventeenth year of broadcasting, dishing up nutrition. For seventeen years every Saturday or most Saturdays I guess I should say. We have shared up to date nutritional information. Designed specifically to make a difference in the lives of our listeners and their health. So, each week our message has been about eating real food like that's the term. Now I think that we can kind of put our stamp on his eating real. So, that our listeners our clients can have more energy. Less, than for inflammation, better health and everything in between. So it isn't a message about the latest fad diet. It's about eating a healing plan of real food. This is just kind of an interesting observation and Clint Brittany. Maybe you've noticed this in clinic here in there but I've noticed with some of my clients at it seems that many people seem to like blame or really attribute many of their health problems to their genetics. Yes. I, agree with that Yup. And they haven't quite made that connection yet that food the food that they're eating is the cause of their health problems. So as Dietitians we work one on one with clients, and so we'll hear things like my father had diabetes. So I know sooner or later I will probably have that to or maybe it's my mom had arthritis so I will have it eventually also. one. They heard I think recently in the last week or two My grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. So I really worry that I also get Alzheimer's disease. And it is important to know our family history. What is in our family history? I mean, we even have this in our health questionnaire, an area where people can kind of talk through or list out what's in their family. But, it's also an important an important concept I think to say, the family history does not have to become our destiny. And we can be like, maybe we have some predispositions in the background or tendencies one way or another, but it does not have to be our destiny. So true and I think that what oftentimes people don't think about is you know maybe your dad had something your mom had something. And now you do what? About your lifestyle? No, you probably have a similar lifestyle. You know a lot of our habits come from childhood, and so I think often times it is more lifestyle and your food choices driving. Those conditions than than genetics yup absolutely I'll say that to my clients do it's like you know we probably especially as younger children ate a lot of the same things growing up as our parents did. So how much of an impact did the foods that we were all eating together then have on the development of some of these conditions it's kind of food for thought. That A lot. and so for you listeners out there maybe you've also said to yourself, you know I must come from a family there must be an obesity gene there because my dad was overweight his mom was overweight all of my brothers and sisters are overweight and now I'm starting to gain weight so it just must be baked into our destiny must be in our jeans. Though the question, we are going to address this morning on the show is, why is it so hard for many people to lose weight they're going to go through a couple of things per pretty much two main points that will address throughout this show. And maybe maybe you is a listener of this is something that you've wondered yourself and maybe you've said yourself, well, why can all my friends lose weight just by drinking less wine or less soda or less XYZ while I can't lose weight and I never even drink wine to begin with it's just not fair. Yeah we hear that time Yup. So. So this is these are the kinds of things we want to explore in today's show, and before we dive deeper into our topic, I want to introduce myself and my co host WHO's here in studio with me. My name is Leah Klein showed I'm registered and licensed Dietitian, and here with me this morning is Brittany Vincent who is also a registered and licensed Dietitian. And today, our goal is to share some new information but also some old information about weight loss and our hope is that you will really think about the information we're going to share with you about weight loss and perhaps then be able to take some that information and start. feeling out in applying in your own life where it makes sense for you and applying this to your own body. As we all know, it's one thing to know the information, which is what our show is about a lot of times you want to give that information out and make it as widespread as possible. But then it is a whole other thing to actually apply it and to do it and. Teaching choices are hard especially like you said of these are things that have come from our childhood. These are habits that have been deeply in green, and oftentimes this is the hardest part for people.

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