The Pros and Cons of Selling Seasonal Products Online

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So we, we have an interesting topic for today I thought would be fun to to bounce back and forth. That's why we wanted to do A. Dual podcast today because I think there'll be some different opinions and it's kind of the right time of year to be talking about this, and also because we're GONNA be talking about seasonal products if you're. Thinking about doing seasonal price your way too late but there's certainly a lot of seasonal type products that are going to be selling very well in the coming weeks things like Halloween, costumes and Christmas lights or Minora's or New Year's goggles or whatever it might be. Thought. This would be a good time to just chat about that. Yeah absolutely and We've been rolling out a new feature every week through email, which is basically unveiling Amazon's biggest trending keywords. We look at keyword sort of moved up and down the most in the last week. So every week we email out the top keywords. So it kind of lends well to that new series that we have going through re-conquer to, and through this search keyword analysis, he really sees some trending keywords which often correlate seasonality. So looking at this week's not. A lot of seasonal products definitely one here, Sakai decorations I have no idea what right have no idea what succo? Suka. Decorations were I guess at some Jewish holidays far as I know never heard of it. Yeah. But anyways, it's one of the top keywords on Amazon right now. So if you had SUKA decorations, you're probably killing it radio interesting. Yeah. The one last week that really blew me away was the spike him stuff I'm like, why is that such a big thing? All the site did you figure that out? No have no idea I would think. That'd be something that would be more popular when people are traveling or people being paranoid about spy Cam, and actually different of ours is in front of the podcast. Allen sells these types of things and also the types of things the discover spy equipment, but y all of a sudden. Last week I have no idea. Yeah. Wonder if it had anything to do with kids going back to school and people are spying on teachers in some regard or like although I don't know how you stick in like a camera to school. But I would think that there has to be some correlation there to school and kids being away from home. That's just my feeling but I could be completely wrong I. I would love to know why spy cams are so hot right now. You know it's interesting. But as you ask Alan will actually I didn't even think to do that when I when I saw that. But now that we mentioned it, I'll definitely do that because I'm interested. But I mean seasonal products come with with some challenges and there's different types of seasonal products and weep sell some seasonal products with ice wraps I mean they're definitely more popular in the summer as people are more active and so our sales in July or way higher than they are in December, and so it's definitely a seasonal product and it's very predictable and there's other types of seasonal products, things like Christmas lights that are. A lot more accelerator binary I mean try selling Christmas lights in July you might have some struggles and so basically for six weeks around the Christmas holiday Christmas lights like crazy and then you're opportunities over. So when we talk about seasonal price a commune, a couple of different things. Yeah. Well, I think every product has some seasonality to no matter what even the least seasonal. PRODUC probably around the holiday time around Christmas and November they're going to see a huge surge in the product. So it doesn't matter if it's an everyday item like a garlic press, it's probably going to see a huge surge in November December just because of the holiday buying season. So every product has some degree of season to it where you have certain months of the year. Where you get more sales than others but obviously, like you mentioned, there are super products things which normally relate to holidays in some regard for us we had I guess somewhere in between kind of your average seasonal variation product, super seasonal products with boating products and boating products definitely spring summer seasons they absolutely surge and sales in the summer tend to be about two or three. Times higher in the winter but sales don't fall off a cliff like they do for. Christmas. Lights in July as voting products or is year round demand for just tends to be two or three times higher in the winters. So or the summer action say so I think that's the big I guess comparison we WanNa make is between those kind of degrees and spectrum of seasonality. And personally I like products that. Rely on Q. Four. To make your year, we have a kind of a wide variety of products and some of them do require hugh for to make our year. But Isis is definitely one of those brands that actually there is no spike in the fourth quarter believe it or not. Even with what you're talking about. They're just there isn't even a blip for November December because I mean we still sell well, but it isn't. It isn't any higher than October. So it's it's interesting versus something like color. Where in the fourth quarter was like our entire year even though we would sell throughout the entire year. The fourth quarter is our entire year. While baby, you know the stuffed animal stuff like the fourth quarter our entire year. And it's stressful just out of curiosity for ice wraps. How much Increase. UC during the summer is like tanner twenty percent or is it more like one hundred percent compared to the colder seasons where people are? By getting active in hurting themselves. The four to six months in the hottest Munster somewhere between fifty to one hundred percent from the baseline. And the other Munster down but not zero mean. There's still lots of other things that happen that that aren't reflected upon being warm a month with me things like a knee replacement surgery will you know that doesn't really matter what time of year it is in fact, a lot of people want to do those types of things in the winter when. They're not active anyway hip replacement surgery bill talks, breast augmentation people having kids, and all these different things that people use hunting tax four but you know people that are out playing recreational tennis or soccer or going hiking in their sedentary for the winter months when they go back out, they pull something or heard something sprain something whatever it might be and those types of injuries. I think were a lot of our products are sold interesting. Yeah I. Mean I me personally I would never think that ice wraps have that much seasonality to it. But when you start to explain it totally makes sense and they'd gang goes to our point that we're making every product even though the service does not appear to have any seasonality probably has some degree of seasonality to it. And the thing I. Love Ice Rob is actually helps normalize our sales as as a company year round because there are other products again are pretty fourth quarter heavy, and so you know the thing that was depressing about ice wraps was when I was the only thing that we had was in the winter months of things are slow you kind of panic or whatever, and so we we have a pretty smooth curve company now because our fourth quarter so strong. It kind of normalize ourselves

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