'Waiter, There's a Fly in Our Bubble'

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Getting snowed in at a luxurious ski shall in the French Alps doesn't sound like the worst problem in the world unless you were trapped with a co workers, each was something to gain something to lose and something to kill for one by one the twisty psychological thriller from Ruth Where Number One New York Times bestselling author of the woman in cabin ten discover why ruth wear has been called the Agatha Christie of our time read one by one available now, wherever books are sold. Okay. Are Jenna now you can't start like that. You gotta you gotTa. Okay Yes. Sir. It's been too long too long. It's been too long I, I? Mean I want to know on this microphone right now. How are you doing? What's happening you know Babes any time anyone asks me that lately. I have the stock photo that I send, of Kerry, Washington as Olympia Pope who's been held hostage in a basement looking like she got caught on the wrong side of inside she's not doing well holding a newspaper newspapers for proof of life and hostage video but. You know that's basically my psychological emotional. And, physical state these days. Okay. Lord please explain what what is the image from. Now I, don't know if you remember this but there was a pretty intense arc on the show scandal created by the one and only Shonda rhimes where Carrie Washington as Olympia pope she gets kidnapped while she's in her home drinking her classic. Lhasa. Red Wine spills all over the white couch and then she ends up and I guess a dungeon. She's hearing like Islamic prayer calls and she's like, okay I, must be in the Middle East somewhere. So this is a la- pope talking about right. So she's going to try to Olivia Pope the situation in negotiating that don't work. She scrapes her bra against the wall and gets the under wire out goes into the bathroom and tries to use the wired like unlock the window she gets caught. No. Wow she's able to escape herself. A. Good You can't about don't even try. It's deep. But Anyway, the point is she's running down this hallway trying to escape. And she finally burst through and she's like heaving his big sigh of relief, and then she takes a look around. She's on a sound stage. No, it is not real. NAPPING has been real. I. Mean She's still kidnapped by. Everything about yes she gets Truman showed Oh my Lord. But the point is you know everything she thought was real. was fabricated. She. Realizes, she cannot trust anything she's hearing anything she's seeing she can't trust faces in front of her at one point. She's asked to make a proof of life video. Okay and that's where the image comes from against the brick wall holding the newspaper looking stress F girl is traumatizing it's dust. That's the image. That's why he's image but. They're asking her to make this proof of life video. She's like I'm Bolivia poke I have not been harmed or abused fits I. Love. You come rescue me except she doesn't really say that but that's the point and halfway through she asks for a glass of water. She takes this luxurious and long sip but really she's using the glass to try and capture the reflection of her kidnappers face, right? ooh. Olivia isn't that brilliant she's trying to leave a clue for her team. So when they watched the video, maybe they can start to figure out who these kidnappers are and the team literally caused them her breadcrumbs as in. These are the trail of breadcrumbs these little bits of truth in reality that she is leaving for them to lead them to the truth. Oh. See I like this. So yes. Me Doing Bay. I'm tied up on a sound stage trying to figure out what's up what's down what's left let's right because I can't trust what I'm seeing and hearing. Oh well, I mean, exactly, there's no up or down but. There are these breadcrumbs. For us. And they're these hints at the truth in this time when everything is like a Truman show sound stage. I think we should talk about those breadcrumbs. Deciding who's going to win this election. I'm Jenna worth them. I'm Wesley Morris and we are to culture writers the New, York? Times.

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