Patriots Activate Center David Andrews Off IR, Boston


Like to get back to the 500 mark with a win against former backup Jimmy Garoppolo in the 40 Niners. New England's dropped there last to San Francisco's three and three after last Sunday's winning Instagrams, the break periods of activated center David Andrews off the I. R. He missed last three games of the broken from B. C's offense on fire against Georgia Tech. The Eagles 48 points the most They've scored in a game this season. They improved to foreign to fill Djurkovic with a pair of touchdowns in 94 rushing yards. Credito offense, allot of how we ran the ball. David ran really hard Travis in there, They just they just hit the holes and often line gave it to them. I think we could have run the ball pretty much every play well this the top bank loans for next week. Game

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