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Terse broken after airstrikes carried out in the capital of iraq. The president of turkey calls for a two state solution. Cyprus poland and hungary veto a stimulus bill in the european union and china tells australia to work to fix the deteriorating relationship between their two countries. This is the world at large and we are politics one thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into episode of the world at large where we cover news from all corners of the globe. If you enjoy please remember to share lever review and of course cliff that subscribe button so without further ado. Please enjoy this. Episode of our podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the world at large now before a hand. The reins over to josh over here to talk about. Well you know. The world weaving any law support Recently one of you in fact left a lovely lovely review named mama laps and thank you to mama labs. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. It does mean a lot to us. I when we're sadder lonely or crying. We often look at these reviews in. Lift us up but there are many of you out there who have asked us. How can i support the show. And you're fans of the show us what you want to help out now. I wanted to let everybody know that we do this for free. We put our money into it. We've bought equipments for podcasts. And we make profit from that but recently the software reuse has implemented away for listeners. Like yourself to money now. If you love the show if you love listening about the world at large donating would really help us out. And make sure that we keep going for the future now with healthier. Do i've josh over here to tell us about the world at large. Hello everybody is v. Josh sell as he had said. I want to reiterate this. It would mean so much to us if you can donate but already cover them the majority of what we'd have say so. Let's just jump into the air strikes in iraq as we know as we'd go From fast alice's of the middle east. We've looked at it so many times. We will continue to to look at it There tends to be a lot of different interest groups militant groups that exist in this part of a world with their main priority being well as per the definition of geopolitics says we've already described. They want power some They are no exception with these airstrikes. That just happened in iraq so in the iraqi capital baghdad. There have in fact been not only just the average you see in iraq. This was a this was more upscale and violent airstrike so this was carried out in the green zone of baghdad which is a part of the city which contains most of the major embassy stationed in the country including the american embassy in also happens to be the seat of the iraqi government. So it's the green zone right. This is where all the diplomats they meet up. They shake hands. Maybe the elbow bub nowadays they they like to have their coffee really. Just be the decree relationships. She nominee iraqi government and other countries. That are also there this. So when you're diplomat you know you tend to be a lot more immune to this type of stuff But so so the fact that missiles are actually reaching inside of the green zone. It's kind of big deal because it's no longer the outskirts of baghdad's slick the city center. This is the elitist part of baghdad. We don't want to be seeing missile strikes there right. No aegina and so this marks the end of informal ceasefire slash troops that was offered by the iran backed militias in this country. So let's describe this truce a little bit Because it's quite important to understand that when looking at these airstrikes weather such a big deal. So this truce originally was created in so so if we look back in january in early twenty twenty because believe it or not. There's a lot of stuff that happened this year and that includes no. I don't believe it. Yeah and if you guys either one even want to think about president. Trump was impeached this year. Which is quite interesting to think about But also other What also happened. This year was the iraqi. Government passed a bill in the parliament or a demand to the united states. Saying you need to pull out all your trips. You're they're no longer welcome here. I don't know if you guys remember that if you ever heard of that but if you haven't while i'm telling you now iraqi politics past that and they said. Us troops you need to go. This was back in january until the united states. Pretty much said you know that is a look. That doesn't amazing suggestion.

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