Secret Service So Sick, Renner-sance Continues 11.16.20 - burst 21


You and follow you. Well number one is. I am the host of my own podcast. The podcast is called vice news reports. It is a documentary. Style news podcast. It's not like news news in the way that like this. Podcast is for instance. Oh talk well no but like not. Take away from it. Everybody needs that. What a complimentary right is a complimentary. Listen so we take deep dives. We have a lot of field audio. It just launched. I think you know if i can say this myself. I think it's really good So vice news reports is number one. Subscribe to that we review you know And otherwise twitter. I'm at a d. r. s. on twitter. Wow early adopter xijiang. Please check this show because it is fantastic. And i br a good companion to this where we talked the nonsense and then really intelligent people with journalistic integrity give you some more insight. What's journalism again. I've never never heard that word before. what is what is something. Our parents wish we did.

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