From the BBC World Service. I'm Razia Iqbal. Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abby Ahmed


Party officials in charge of Beijing's governance of Hong Kong, a signal the China will soon assert more control over Hong Kong is currently independent judiciary. In a speech marking the 30th anniversary of the Chinese territories, many constitution the basic law, Jiang Xiao Ming said the document should be open for interpretation. Last week, most opposition politicians resigned from the Hong Kong legislature. After Beijing gave the authorities the power to reject lawmakers deemed disloyal. World News from the BBC. This is W When I see in New York I'm David. First, the NYPD will not be breaking up Thanksgiving celebrations that violate New York's cap on gatherings. Governor Cuomo said a limit of 10 people for indoor and outdoor gatherings in private residences last week. He tasked local authorities with enforcing the measures. But NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea told New York one's Pat Kiernan that's untenable. We're not planning on breaking up Thanksgiving celebrations pack, but we You know, we have to be smart. Where it We're encouraging everyone to use common sense here and to get New York City through this Experts are concerned gatherings over the holidays will lead to a spike and cove in 19 cases. City officials have urged people not to travel in the coming weeks to avoid exposing others or bringing the coronavirus back. After years of planning and preparation, dredging the toxic sludge from the bottom of the colonies Canal started yesterday. The Kiwanis is one of the most polluted waterways in the U. S. And about 10 Ft of toxic sludge will be removed from the bottom of the canal. Eric McClure is a member of the Guan Is Canal Community Advisory Group, which is overseeing the cleanup. The end goal is to have AH, cleaner, healthier canal one that can be used for active recreation. Um canoeing kayaking will promote the return of wildlife to the canal. That goal is still years away. The cleanup of the first of three stretches of the canal is supposed to be done by 2023. Funeral home in Brooklyn has been shut down by the state after police discovered decomposing bodies and UN refrigerated trucks during the height of the Copan 19 pandemic in the spring.

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