Kim Ng Makes Baseball History

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We'll somali i. Can you talk about your own relationship with kim hang. How did you get to know her. I started reporting on the dodgers around two thousand eight or nine with espn. And i'd see her on the field and she always was just kind of calmly standing there and you know just seemed like whatever interaction she had with people were seemed to be efficient and short and so it kind of intrigued me. Who is this person. So we just got to talking like. Oh this is this is coming. She's says gm and all of a sudden she's telling me stuff like we've got this kid kenley jansen as a catcher. You really can't hit those we put them on a mound and the results are interesting. Clayton's working on a slider molly. You should really check it out. But the where she would say it was so matter of fact and so dislike whole-home that that's kind of what stood out to me about her and then we've kept in touch over the years. How would you describe her personality. What she like completely unflappable. I think the first thing that needs to be done is. I've got a really familiarize myself with all. The ins and outs of the players. Deadpans are totally cool under pressure. Like the person you gonna call if you were kidnapped and needed the ransom delivered by noon with no you know without tipping off the police or anything else you. She won't be there. Where are we who these players are. And you know. That's that's at this point. The nuts and bolts of the job. Well for those. Who don't know that much about kim. And can you tell us about her career path so she played softball diversity of chicago. She was an infielder. She was really good. I was really a a sports nut love to play and she then became an intern with the white sox and twenty one years old working in the white sox baseball ops as an intern and at the time the other white sox were very good club had a lot of good young players and it was really just about learning and soaking it. All in absorbing all that i could and by the time she was twenty nine she was brian. Cashman the yankees assistant general manager and that was in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. They won titles ninety eight ninety nine and two thousand now. Let's be clear here. That had she been a man she would have gotten a gm job somewhere else. But that didn't happen. Molly you about saying and how. She operated differently than her peers in l. a. Can you tell us about that. I mean that that dodgers organization was by a bunch of guys who were so emotional so yell at each other so in their feelings she was just sort of just like standing there. Like i can't believe you guys and so it was just like toddlers running around at her feet. Two thousand five. The gm position becomes open and she interviewed for that job. What happens there. She was by all accounts. She was right there and franklin court the former owner of the dodgers wanted to hire her her pedigree spoke for itself. She had three world series rings. She had sixteen years in the business and the owner frank mccord. He wanted the credit of hiring the first female general manager. But what i was told later was that he was scared of the backlash of being the first guy to fire a female general manager. Because as we know it's a cutthroat industry n. gm's they don't their shelf life long even talented ones and so that was one of the reasons he was too scared of that. I guess the mcchord years got really ugly and about i say i wanna say two months before. The dodgers filed for bankruptcy. Because of a court drove the team into the ground. She got out of there and went to work with joe. Torry be again demonstrating how smart. She is molly. You know as well as anybody that kim has been talked about for basically twenty years now as the person who is going to be the first woman. Gm in baseball. Do you have a sense. For how many teams have considered her or interviewed for this position. Because yesterday when i wrote my story i published. I said as far as we know. The dodgers angels the padres the giants the mariners. They've all any reader and within like two minutes. My story going up. Somebody with orioles texted me. Oh we interviewed or to like it was just like everybody is interviewed her. Just sit there going through this anymore. They're just putting me through this so they can fill their quota or whatever i'm not gonna put myself section but she just did not give up and that's really the way a lot of my career has gone is just every step of the way it working as hard as i could give you my nose to the grindstone and just you know getting to the next level but i think this is so valuable to any of us who do have specific dream in mind about something. We'd like to do one day. And that's you know when you call close and you don't get that job that you desperate for just got a flick flush it and let it go and not let it break you to the point where you're not going to try again.

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