Trump plans to withdraw thousands of troops from Iraq, Afghanistan before leaving office

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American troops are coming home. President trump said so yesterday. He promised to withdraw. Us troops from afghanistan as well as a rock and himalaya in the next couple of months. That is all the time that he has left. The outgoing president leaves office in exactly sixty four days. Noon january twentieth. Two thousand twenty one under his orders the troop presence in iraq would drop a little and in afghanistan by lot from forty five hundred twenty five hundred now. Trump is often promised to bring troops home but his move here drew criticism from a powerful ally. Senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell are retreat would embolden the taliban especially the deadly connie wing and risked plunging afghan women and girls back into what they experience back in the nineteen ninety s. What had weakened and scattered al-qaeda a big do propaganda victory and renewed safe haven for plotting attacks against america. So how does all this look from the region. Npr's hadeed is based in islamabad. She's on the line. good morning. good morning so the. Us had already pledged to withdraw its forces from afghanistan by this spring. This came a promise under an agreement. It signed with the taliban course. The afghan government was not party to that agreement but what are afghan government officials saying now about this accelerated. Us time line for withdrawal. Well actually that we're expecting it because it's something fat. President trump has long signalled most recently last week when he pointed a senior adviser to the pentagon who calls for an immediate withdrawal at this point. They're actually eyeing the military equipment that american forces might leave behind As they rush to the exit. But there's also a sense of anger. I spoke to a senior official javard face all and he told me this poems. Do not want the to stay here. Whatever we one we draw to be responsible one and we don't expect our ally to burn. The house wants it leaves. They don't expect their ally to burn down the house as they leave. They worried a hasty withdrawal emboldened the taliban because it would signal to them that they don't have to abide by commitments for foreign forces to go echoing. Quite what mitch. Mcconnell said well is the talamante doing that are the upholding the commitments they made when it signed this agreement with the trump administration yes annoy the taliban are abiding by two key commitments. They're not attacking foreign forces and they are engaging in peace talks with the afghan government even though they've been at a stalemate since they begun but it's understood that the taliban also promised to reduce their violence but in reality they've stepped up their attacks against security forces across the country and they believed to be behind a series of unclear murders. Most recently they may have killed an afghan journalist in helmand. What are ordinary afghans citizens telling you educated afghans appear to be worried especially women they worry withdrawal will allow the taliban to seize power and that their rights might be swept away others. Tie it like a nurse. i spoke to a merger. Larry ellison's the fighting getting worse. So maybe it doesn't matter if they stay ago.

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