Already beleaguered, deepening restrictions hit iconic British pubs where it hurts

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Yellows linked to inside Europe England is getting grips with a new three tier system of local lockdown measures to try to hold a growing second wave of the corona virus in the highest risk areas, pubs and bars that don't serve food have been forced to close, and of course, the country licensed premises have shorter opening hours, one group of pubs. Legal actions saying pubs are not a high risk for transmission of the virus. It's another blow to the traditional British pub which has been in decline for decades Lissi Taylor. Reports from the north of England. That sounds impassive British life for generations. clinking goes. Boring drinks. And the bell which calls last orders. But the number of traditional pubs has been fooling since the middle of the century. With Corona virus restrictions is even more pressure on landlords. You don't know what's going to happen from one day to next just. All the time there's another curve all that you have to try and get around Jack Baker is the Publican head chef at the castle in in Sheffield sanitizers are spending by our thousand pound a month from sanitizers. Having the staff to way the tables. Putting gazebos up and here's building aside market build a pub. The whole costs is probably about four thousand pounds so far. In minimum staff but having them on extra time. Because you have to do all these extra measures they go. Enjoy email hubs like jacks had closed for months earlier in the year and had limit. So my capacity in this summer. Now, is the weather gets colder the second wave of the virus in England has started. Areas like this one in the north have been hardest hits. We're entering a new and crucial phase in a fight against creative ours because the number of cases has got four times in four weeks and it's once again spreading among the elderly and vulnerable. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new three t a lockdown system with new restrictions on pubs and bars. Across the country, they have to close earlier in high risk areas like this one groups for more than one household and not allowed inside. and. In the worst hit areas including the city of Liverpool. Traditional drinking spots contact asshole pubs and bars must close unless they can operate solely as a restaurant serving alcohol only as part of a main meal. It it a national conversation about what constitutes a meal with jokes about bis soup. But away from the MEMES, there are serious concerns about whether businesses can survive. The hospitality industry says it's been unfairly targeted for restrictions without evidence that people going out a responsible for outbreaks. What we're suggesting is there is some misconception in terms of the impacts that hospitals in particular is a nighttime industries. Association is considering legal actions. Cook Hill is its chief executive for us. We're concerned the we're being isolated as a set to this doing everything. It can expect a lot of money making sure cove in safe making sure that we toe the line we closed for long periods. We've got lots of businesses already closed for long periods, and now we're in a position where the government are putting restrictions on, but they can't give us a scientific evidence to be transparent full closing all businesses down when there are clearly other businesses that are able to open with less restriction less regulation. The industry argues drink is would be safer on premises with staff to police the rules. Viral videos like this one show crowds turned away from city buzz dancing in the streets instead. Pubs we're already closing at a rate of three a day before the pandemic. The UK government says it will support struggling businesses. Some landlords a calling time at the bar

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