First day of Texas in-person voting sees huge turnout


It's Day two of early voting here in Texas in the states one of the few places in the country not allowing widespread mail balloting during the pandemic voters went to the polls. Yesterday is Jill Biden former second lady and Democratic president nominee Joe Biden's wife visited. HOUSTON. And rallied supporters during a short address at a get out and vote drive event. Recent polls have shown that Texas is still leaning Republican, that still long lines were common among many polling locations as were masks but in suburban Houston's Fort Bend County technical problems kept machines offline for more than an hour as. Hundreds of people waited to vote county officials there say it's extending early voting hours for the rest of the week because of those issues early voting ends October thirtieth well, Harris County saw record turnout on the first day of early voting by two PM more people had cast ballots than the whole first day of early voting in two thousand sixteen around lives with travel has more from voters she talked with from across the region lines varied from one polling location to another in the Houston area. Harris County voters that energy cast a ballot within minutes though others waited much longer due to. High turnout but in neighboring Fort Bend County voters had to wait several hours due to technical problems with voting machines at least four voting locations had delays but Fort Bend administrators have not made it clear. The extent of the issues Faisal's odd says he waited more than three hours at two different polling locations locations to to vote vote in in the the other other location location I. I. Seen Seen People People left. left. You You know know because because they they had had an an appointment appointment ten ten an an appointment appointment at at Devon Devon somebody's somebody's old old enough enough who who doesn't doesn't want want to to wait wait for for more than our to these people goes away the Fort Bend County Judge Keep e George says he plans to. Open an

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