Attorney General Barr Announces Publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework - But Do They Have It Right?


So today your core, you posted a link and you're like, Hey, hey, everyone apparently, the attorney general thinks that crypto users criminals. And that's not tied in stay that I to say that I was like, Hey, you said, what did I say? Let's go up to. Say. I didn't say much honest I just said I basically Gerald. William William. Bar announced his publication of cryptocurrency enforcement framework. So maybe the article that dropped this relatively important. At least I thought it was. Open it up here. How many? Pages, CAV. Suggest to. Eighty something, right. Eighty three pages of the US Department of Justice. Framework on digital currency enforcement and. Too Long didn't read from what I can tell nothing too crazy except that they don't understand any of the legitimate use cases, crypto currency, and that's about fifteen pages of illegal uses of cryptocurrencies. You can see the Linda they're coming from. So it. All boils down What you said many times in the last few months that is government is not going to be comfortable giving up control of the current the power. Right that's all it boils. That's that's the theme here. Is that hey y'all crypto usages cute. And all, but we still are more powerful than you could ever imagine. I don't see. That way that may be true but at least in the context of this particular release. it's the Department of Justice. They're going to view it through the framework of illegal use cases in the things they're trying to stop and protect people from. Or catch bad people from doing stuff at when they look at cryptocurrency through that Lens enables a lot of. People who would like to do bad stuff to do it a little easier potentially. That's only Lindsey care about let's that. They're trying to like look at it having enforcement framework for. Like how does this enable the people we're already looking at and tracking and tip to stop to do the things that they're already tried to do. Not. Like don't expect. Quality. Like. To come from this. This is only going to be like. How do we stop it or how do we watch it? How do we? How do we survey? Harry punish people for doing the things that we're trying to stop the. Do they incorporate this into the has has like people sending money overseas. Like Tie ed to. Them harboring money or like putting money off shore for tax evasion purposes things like that, right? Proof could we put towards a specific type of cryptocurrency use case in the context tax evasion? Do. You think that the US DC an like these different. What are the combs CBD central digital currencies are just like vaccines for the financial systems of the of the of yesteryear? Are they just a way for them to basically you know? Put a virus in the CRYPTO system in see all the Times that crypto touches their digital currency. Just. A portal is the gateway this. He's from my perspective. This is a hard it's. What I like. So she says. Terrible. Terrible case worst case scenario is like, Hey. We got a handle on things things that had watched stuff key people for doing things, and now have a lot of controls on. Money floor or whatever like this comes out it's so dreadfully increases the access at ease in which people can sit value. Across the Now, we've got to do our jobs again. All.

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