So for everybody that said, we never recover from eight years of Barack Obama.


Wasn't as if you were maintaining your lifestyle. People's lives were improving. Well, now we're seeing the reverse happened. Jeff in the news, talked about Salvation Army feeding more people now than they ever have before ST Mary's food bank. Same thing. ST Vincent de Paul. Same thing. It's not going to get better. There is a ban on evictions. And yet there's evictions that are happening the expectations of thousands of people hundreds of thousands of people right here in the Phoenix metro ery and the valley losing their homes in the next couple of months through eviction or foreclosure. These are real issues that are happening because we have not paid attention to saving lively hoods with the same enthusiasm in the same attention as we saved lives with this pandemic. Every time we've shut down, we have flattened the curve, and it's gone down below 5% and everybody's happy. Then we open up in the pandemic comes back and it starts to rise and numbers again. It's now happened on two different shutdowns. What is the third shutdown going to do? It will lower the numbers in hospitals. There's no doubt about it, but at what cost in the American people's especially here in Arizona. Understand. What

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