Episode 151: Happiest Season - burst 10


Or is it not a christmas movie every single year people have to get together and talk this out and i just don't i'm if you think it is or he thinks it's not that's fine but gosh just please stop talking about it. It's like every year i. I was just going to say it's like every year everyone decides to have the same. What colors address today. But that dresses diehard going to say that never in my life have been in a more explosive argument than trying to tell my friends. That diehard is not a christmas movie now. Okay well with that being said i mean. Should we discuss that. I don't want to keep you too long. I don't wanna get too heated. I mean it's i mean i have a very very simple opinion on it. I face that it's it is a movie that takes place during christmas time but it is not a christmas revue because in my mind at christmas movie is something that contains like the spirit of christmas or is about

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