Power rankings: Browns looking like a playoff team


Think about how it transpired with the Denver Broncos and their quarterbacks? Being ejected from the facility, and they had to put Kendall Hinton at quarterback in Denver. And for all those people we left yesterday for all those people is high school quarterbacks, college quarterback you think, you know, you know what I think I could have, you know, at least done a little something in the NFL when you get a guy who Was like that got plugged in to the offense and It did not go well for the Broncos. What do you do, You know, is there anything that's going to derail a Neff l team or than what the Broncos had done to them. I can't imagine because even it's like, Wouldn't you rather have your starting quarterback and lose eight other starters then and not even your starting quarterback? Any quarterback who's playing anything at all? I can't imagine it would be something bigger than that. It's That was a wild story. I mean, that that was that was a Disney movie, and it's even Wilder. If the Broncos they were trying to get one of their coaches to be able to play quarterback, this guy rob Calibri that they were trying to. They asked the league Can we have someone on our staff put the pads on and play. And Steve like that's the dream because everybody when they're done taking the pads off where you played high school, pro or college or whatever, for the rest of your life literally will have dreams at night of you were. You were called to come back and they need you for one more down. But it was. It wasn't even like

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