I'm Jake relates talk radio 77. W A b c. What are you gonna do with all that leftover cream of spinach?


Thing anybody wants to keep heating cream spinach, You know, even Popeye, the sailor man. In order to get that Popeye Twister punch would not have eaten cream spinach. That leafy substance they gave him Atlas like powers. No. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, avoid the cream spinach. Avoid the cream Kale, You'll never be able to eat enough to build up your physical immunity. The likes of which you need to do is Corona viruses teaming up? With the normal fluid, the end of fall to come after you. And if you have a stronger immune system physically, a less likely to be victimized by those two. How do you do that? Well, you can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, including cream, spinach and cream, Kale. Or you can take all those sweets and vegetables in tablet form because he'd been crushed him in sanitized They've been put in tablet form by balance of nature dot com. I popped two in the morning to a night I'm good to go in my age is 66. It gives me the equivalent of 32 31 different fruits and vegetables that I would get locked your every

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