Better plan. Plan that an independent analysis from Moody's and well respected Wall Street firm projected


Soar upward. While others are watching their economic prospects dropped sharply. For those of the top jobs have come back. Their wealth is rising. For example, luxury home sales are up over 40%. Compared to last year. For those in the middle in the bottom. It's a downward slide there left figuring out how to pay the bills and put food on the table. Almost one in every six renters was behind in rent payments as of October. Let me be clear. With this team and others. Will add in the weeks ahead. We're going to create a recovery for everybody for all I'm gonna get this economy moving again. Going to create jobs, raise incomes, reduce drug prices, advanced racial equity across the economy and restore the backbone of this country, the middle class. Message. Everybody struggling right now is this help is on the way. My dad heard me say this before when he lost his job in Scranton when I was a kid. We eventually moved the family not far from your claim on Delaware, Justin Outskirts of Wilmington. Used to say Joey. Job is about a lot more than the paycheck. About your dignity. About respect. Your place in the community. About being able to kidney and say, Honey, it's going to be okay and mean it. Also used to say, Joey, don't expect the government to solve my problems. I do expect to understand my problems. This team understands. The secretary of Treasury. I am really Pleased to be able to nominate Janet Yellen. No one is better prepared to deal with these crisis. I wish it weren't as much of a crisis. Reach your secretary. Should be the first Treasury secretary who was also chair the Federal Reserve. Vice chair, The Fred Reserve. And share the President's Council of Economic Advisors. Janet is one of the most important economic thinkers of our time. She spent her career focused on unemployment and the dignity of work, which is really important to me and all of us. She understands what it means. People. And their communities when they have good, decent jobs. Respect across We'll be looked at by their neighbors and being respected. It matters a lot to me. Respected across Party lines and around the world. Main Street and Wall Street. An educator mentor. Above all, the daughter of a working class from work, working class Brooklyn neighborhood. Never forgot where she came from. Her husband, George is pretty good, too. He's won a Nobel Prize. But he's the one that married up Yeah. Chan. Okay, Bri, the first woman who hold this office we might have to, uh, ask Lin Manuel Miranda, who wrote the musical about the first secretary treasury, Hamilton. Right, another musical about the first woman secretary of the Treasury yelling, so that's what I'm working on right now. Chance For director of office and managing the budget I nominate near attended. You know, I've known there a long time. Brilliant policy mind with critical practical experience across government. She was raised by a single mom. On food stamps on immigrant from India who struggle worked hard and did everything she could for her daughter to live out the American dream. Never did just that. She understands the struggles that millions of Americans are facing. It should be the first woman of color from South Asia. From South Asian Shoot me from South Asia. And and I think that Toledo on B. We also have another one of those women is Vice President Hyeon States America. And so look. Won't be very serious. She should be in charge of laying out the budget will help us control the virus do with the economic crisis and build back better. But above all, she believes what I believe Budget. Should reflect our values. Again quoting my dad. For real. My dad's people say, Joe, let me tell you I value They look at them is the high school educated guy. Very well read. They look the shit. Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget. I'll tell you what you got. That's what you're gonna do for us. Deputy secretary of Treasury, I nominate while you are here now. Wally is You know, Wally? I don't know. Tell you what, Senator Warren really likes you. Yeah. She were highly recommended you but I wasn't sure she worried I stole you a swell but thank you for being willing to do this. Why? Skilled leader and think around issues ranging from macro economics to consumer protection. And from national security, International Affairs. Worked with while I'm doing the great recession. That was my excuse to the senators saying, that's why I wanted to steal you. I saw him tackle one big job after another. Deputy national security adviser to President Obama. Deputy director for the National Economic Council. Former chief of staff to Elizabeth Warren. Where he helped create the Consumer Protection Bureau and for financial Bureau, which has done so much good. Is designed to protect consumers and working people, unfair, deceptive and abuse of financial practices. Now, Wally will be the first African American ever to hold this post and the highest ranking African American Treasury Department sister An immigrant from Nigeria, son of a nurse and an elementary school principal. All He understands everything we do. Basically for the people for families, hard working people. I understand their struggles. Most of all their dreams. He understands both. I want to thank you all for being willing to do this. For share. Personal counsel Economic Advisors. I nominate notwithstanding, she was a very distinguished professor at Princeton a joke My Children who went to Penn and used to always kid about it, But it's a serious cc Rouse on the most distinguished economists in the country. Expert on labor, economics, race, poverty and education. Into the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. Member of the Council of Economic Advisers to President Obama, adviser to President Clinton at the National

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