Painting Exterior Brick


You're listening to the beautiful mess podcast this week. We're talking all about painted exterior brick. I've learned so much from painting three howson row and this last time we things a little bit differently and learned even more. I know the painting brick can be controversial but we're passionate about how much it can improve home like my nine thousand nine hundred ninety s half brick half stucco home. The difference is night and day. it's magical also answering a listener question about wedding registry. Must have this. Week's episode is sponsored by leah lonnie. We'll chat more about them later in the sewed all right. Let's talk about painted brick. This is very controversial. Like you know the comments get heated. It's funny to me that it's even do people care a lot about painting brick and they care a lot about how you store display. Your books are some controversial topics universe. Okay i saw. How many times have you painted the exterior brick of a home. Not one not two but three times all right so first of all about five years ago. We painted our first home when we moved to nashville and we painted about a year after we moved in and we lived there for four years with the brick painted nowhere and tear except for the front porch where we step down on it and it's like also rains on and little bit different. That would touch every year but the rest of the brick nowhere and tear whatsoever and also like painting. A floor is very different from painting a wall. Yeah we all know the obvious and then our last home so you know that we famously moved into a house and moved out four months later so we painted that home it was it was it was an unintentional flip as soon as we realized we needed and wanted to sell it quickly. I scheduled my local painter to campaign to any came the next week and painted it and he did a great job It was very quick. It made it faster mo- We'll talk more about that later in the episode Whether or not it adds value is definitely like a big question and then our current home where we just moved to. We had it painted a couple of weeks ago. And we used a new material that we've never used before romo bio paint and it is a lime based paint so it's natural it's nontoxic it's not actually paint but it's like painting brick with brick is how they say that if you feel it still feels like brick there's no gloss to it all there's no sheen to it all it's perfectly mad and it said to age really well over time and we thought it was cool that it was environmentally friendly and lasts a little bit longer so i also like that you've kind of tried a bunch of different so you can i mean i just feel like that lind's to your with painting brick so people are interested it's like oh well should i use this type this type or what's the most affordable way to go about it or whatever for shar so on that note let's get into some common things that people like to ask Are your neighbors okay with it. You're in a little bit of a cold sack. Yeah your neighbors are fairly close. Not like right up against your house but you can definitely see their houses from your house and yours is the one white one. Everyone else has unpainted brick. So every where we've lived out of these three houses it's been mostly brick homes and our home kinda stood out why it was never the only like especially where we live. Now there's quite a few brick homes in the subdivision but not right next to ours. So i think that it. I think that it does stand out but one of our neighbors ran right over the next after we did it and said to jeremy that they had always nicknamed our house the institutional looking house and now it looks way better so funny. That's a really nice really really nice osei and we also like yeah. We wanted to make sure that they liked it so it felt good to know that like they were cool with it. Our houses a little bit tucked back. So i didn't feel like it doesn't really like show like you have to be right. It is a little it to see it. it's not a house you would like to drive by when you were like out on a drive. Let's put it that way now. It's kind of tucked away in the hold a sack. But i also just my own perspective. Even if i have a neighbor who paints their house exterior something. That maybe i wouldn't have chosen. I always just seeing. When people are taking care of their homes. I feel like most neighbors feel that way. Of course you want to check if you haven't hoa and they have rules or your neighborhood rules and you're not allowed to paint certain colors or whatever of course check into that. That's very important. Because i think your neighbors might care on that one but on that i really think just like when you have neighbors who are taking care of their house. They mow their lawn. A take care of landscaping. They don't let things become kind of broken or in disrepair even if they painted a caller. That isn't my choice. Which love white. But if i didn't i would still feel like well. At least they're you know spending money on their home in up keeping it in like that's gonna make the neighborhood. Nice place overall just that people care and are putting love and money into their property.

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