They Call Us The Donut King

They Call Us Bruce


Low end welcome to another edition. They call us bruce and unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america. I feel you sorry. I'm jacky my mouth is full right now. Because i'm i'm eating doughnut. Which should give you a little bit of a clue as to this special episode or doing just swallow. I really do but is not fair. This is not fair at all. I know this is. This is intent intended to be a little bit of a Torture for you guys. i'm eating actually decay. Donuts doughnut and was it's fantastic and is a fortune for us that we actually have a two guests with us Who will share quite a lot about the business and a documentary. that's specifically about it. The documentary called donut king. The donut king and the director of that documentary is with us. All's goo else welcome to the show welcome and we also have listen one of the stars of the documentary. Put it that way right l. Be donut. Princess may lead tau of decays donuts gone. Hey guys what i'm doing. My princess wave. Meles is actually coming from the future as she is in another time zone. She's you are in cambodia. Right yes i am in kampot which is about three hours south penn in. It's a living in the future. Some fifteen hours ahead of you can i. Can i just say your internet is spectacular sounding like better than it is here in los angeles. Oh you don't even want to know what i did to get this wifi here. I have a a friend to an uncle. We call them boo in cambodian sephardic respect. So we actually also tonight. We did a cuban a little bit earlier on today. And then you know we have this podcast scheduled and i. I told my uncle where is the best wi fi here in kampot. And you know there's a lot of you know cafes. And i did a little test in one i was like. This isn't going to do so what he did was. He gave me his wifi at home. And i'm sitting in my hotel room with. His wifi plugged in amazing amazing. Thank you so we should mention that. you guys did a. I guess you guys did acuna earlier and during this now because the movie is the donut. King is Hit theaters out is out. Virtually eaters This weekend as a record this correct. Correct me opened friday october thirty and i just actually went to an in person screaming anna the only playing the film in california in person and it was being sold out screening. What is sold out mean. These days sold out at like twenty five percent capacity every other seat every other row. Now we were in With a two hundred and forty five person capacity theaters so the game is really big theater. Packet out as much as you could. During ninety five percent of the people were actual like extended family members of mealy gotta show strong so this is actually the core of the documentary. It's not just about donuts. It's actually about a community and i. It's fantastic by the way Literally it was. It was such a engrossing Story to watch. That not only did make me incredibly hungry but it may be hungry for knowledge. It's inspiring it's inspiring had inspiring about the story and inspiring our hunger for donuts so it basically tells the story about how it is that cambodian americans ended up essentially dominating the donut trade in southern california. Is that right else. Yeah it's some people make casually now. Asian people work at my local donut shop. When you know in doing this film. I've talked to people. And when i told them working on newly i thought it was just to own mind donut shop when i go to michael time. I didn't realize it's like all of them.

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