Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.: What you need to know


Mike tyson versus roy jones rules concluding on further rules. And the fact that twelve ounce gloves will be used instead of ten. He stated the california state. Athletic commission approved the fight. They will have a ref. They're the referee overseeing the fight under are all normal. Fight professional rules with the exception but a few exceptions. That's the gloves. Like putting an extra kleenex between two trucks crashing. You know so. Basically they're talking about. The gloves is the only exception that these rules are under the state athletic commission and that there will be ref there from the state athletic commission as well. So i don't know a lot of confusion a lot back and forth and it's been fight weeks so i kinda wanna give meeting. Maybe his credit and say maybe he's right. You know. I know i know. He came out on one of these earliest shows that we did earlier this week and he said you know all this is just to drum up interest. I think it was when When the presale broke you know when when they initially Released a press. Release that mike. Tyson roy jones set the pay per view presell Broke the pay per views of presell record. I think that's what many say you know that this might be fake news Strategic put out there to build interest in sight. I don't know if that's true based off the attention that we get when we do. These shows on tyson. I think that tyson just brings them out definitely. Because he's a legend man. He's a legend. Any when i when you save them out. We're not just talking about boxing. Fans he brings out to the the the actresses actors the the entertainers. Everybody comes out. I don't care what walks alive. You know who. Mike tyson. Mike tyson is in the ring. You want to see it and you want to see if you know you can get there early to check out. Mike man this iron mike and roy roy jones junior. Mister flashy mr must. Y'all must've forgot. I don't know how these promoters Maybe they need to mow need us promoting because they dropping the ball on this one man. This is a huge huge. I told you everybody over. Forty on roy jones like this is what you said when you woke up from your net right you had it on your tv. It's all over my tv solo. My wife was showing looking advertising websites. Hard they got mad. Google banner ads on everything now. Obviously i only searched predominantly boxing. So maybe the i'm targeted you know. Because this technology has gotten to the level where they follow keywords and key stroke. So maybe it's it's it's specific to me because i'm already a boxing fan but i think that they're spending money on advertisement many doing a thing man.

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