McGrath spent $90 million trying to one seat. Mitch McConnell.


And this is a story. About all the money that was spent against Lindsay Graham in South Carolina. The Democrat there spent 109 million that 108 point nose around it up. $109 million In Kentucky. Some Democrat named Amy McGrath spent $90 million trying to one seat. Mitch McConnell. In Texas. The Democrat. They're lost to John Cornyn. She spent $24 million trying to unseat Cornyn. In Maine. Democrats. Sara Gideon spent 69 a half million dollars trying to see Susan College in all of these races. The Democrats were winning in double digits. According to the polls. According to the polls, Susan Collins was toast. Lindsey Graham was toast. Remember Mitch McConnell, Cocaine, Mitch close to being toast? Didn't talk about corn and much. But that adds up to $293 million. So here's the story of bright Bart here. Democrats wasted At least $293 million trying to flip the scent. They didn't waste it. I don't think Yeah, they didn't. They didn't win the seeds. But they sure as hell send him and you look out. Remember how scared Lindsey Graham was? Lindsey Graham when he was guest on the Fox News Channel was probably begging people to donate to his campaign, giving out the phone number and on the website. They were scared. A lot of these incumbents were Because the message Wass We're going to come after you with everything we've got. We're going to come after you with more money than you've ever seen. And even if we lose, we're gonna have more money. After we lose. Then you have We can outspend you anytime we want, and we will do it and we will bankrupt you. I think this money $293 million On these four Senate seat. Yeah, it's money.

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