2020 election: Polls open after surge of early voting in Trump vs Biden


General election taking place today and, of course, at the top of the ticket, the U. S presidency along with all 435 U. S House seats, 35 Senate seats and 11 gubernatorial races. Nearly 100 million of US have already cast ballots in the election between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, the result of an election system that's been reshaped by the worst pandemic in a century. Both candidates offering starkly different visions for how to tackle that pandemic and other pressing challenges who ends up in the White House for the next four years. The center's really on a winning 270 electoral votes. President Trump looking to keep North Carolina. Tomorrow. We are going to win this state and we're going to win four more years way will continue to cut your taxes, cut regulations to put our great police Support our fantastic military care for our veterans. Protect your Second Amendment, Defend religious liberty and endure more products are proudly stamped with that wonderful phrase. Made in the USA. We've been under a phony fake hoax investigation for three years, nothing but bed and really corrupt publicity from these people on, I say, I wonder what the difference would have been had it village it right had been legit, and it turned out to be just the opposite. They were the ones that committed the crimes, not us, But I wonder what it would have been. I probably would have been a little bit easier. But you know the good news. We're gonna win any where we're going. Biden, sticking to hammering the president's response to the Corona virus, says he makes a late play for Ohio American votes America will be heard. One America's heard. I believe the message is going to be loud and clear is time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home. Imagine Imagine where we bay had this president from the beginning. Just war mask instead of mock wearing a mask figure this now the president, nine states of America. Responsible so many death. And the girl to suggest American doctors. People who have been on the front lines of this crisis for nine months. Along with nurses and so many others, many of whom have died to suggest The doctors are falsely inflating death due to cove it because they want to make more money. I'm serious, man. This guy's a disgrace. President Trump's main narrow path. The victory running through Florida and Pennsylvania, two states, Biden's double down on flipping, essentially blocking the president's a path to victory.

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