1 dead after tree falls on metro Atlanta home


In metro Atlanta after a tree falls on a mobile home in Cherokee County. This morning, the sheriffs office Confirms the death and the Eastgate community off Bell's fairy. It's believed to be the first death locally is tropical Storm Zeta rolls through W S. B. J Black Black describes describes what what he's he's seeing seeing in in Gwinnett Gwinnett County. County. Heard Heard several several branches branches and and tree tree snap snap and and pop pop off off of of homes homes here. here. Still Still kind kind of of hard hard to to see see the the damage damage because because it it is is so so so so dark. dark. Have no power here. No street lights, no home lights. And with all the pine straw and leaves and branches that are down, you really can't even see the roads and driveways that you're trying to rob walk around, and he's powerful Tropical Storm force winds been coming through for the last couple of hours. Here It is gonna be a rough morning here in this part of North Gwinnett County and so on. E J. Black 95.5 ws metro

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