#476 - Laying Down the Law

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Now in the listen tab of the ESPN APP and please take a minute to rate and review the show. Those reviews really help others to find us and we would just love it. If you would contact the astrophysicists in America's best racing to let them know that in the gate belongs in their nominees for best podcast in this year's ban choice awards try the twitter handle at Ab are live with the America's best bracing facebook. Let them know that in the gate for law? Off The top of your head, you could probably come up with a good list of three year olds who had tremendous years but for whatever reason did not win the one three-year-old race that's remembered the most the Kentucky. Derby. I'm thinking of horses like a war the greatest horse of all time whose owner didn't even running in the Derby Native Dancer who won horse of the year as a two. Year old in nineteen, fifty, two and one, every one of twenty, two races he entered except the one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, three, derby where he couldn't get past dark star Nashua one of the year as a two year old two years after native dancer. But despite his classic bloodlines and wins in his first four starts in nineteen, fifty, five Nashua could not get past the modestly bread California upstart swaps. Perhaps. The Best Horse Not to win the Kentucky Derby was point given in two thousand one he'd won five times and finished second three times at that point including wins in his final three races heading into the Derby won the preakness Belmont for fun. Afterward, I was at that Belmont standing on the rail but on Derby day point given spun his wheels at the top of the stretch and came up empty finishing fifth. You could also put empire maker on the list. Of Best Horses to never win the Derby, he'd taken the Florida Derby and wood memorial going into Kentucky where he was the favourite you by chance remember who won the Derby that day do you funny side has got ahead and fraud piece rules full the inside empire maker far outside it's funny side just in front peace rules on the inside of the pyre maker. Funny. Saw Looking to upset that there be funny side at twelve zero on Windsor biotic, thin three quarters. And as you almost undoubtedly, no the owners of funny side where the same people who can now claim to have another run the list of best horses to not win the Derby Tears Dialogue Colors authentic tends to la puts his white plays in front as they turned for home but authentic, it's not done yet offense tickets digging down deep in fending off Pistola so far it's still a fit to front with a furlough to go tis tenacious, but he's second mister big news honore p too late it is authentic in front tits final try authentic was always in front any wins the Derby Day authentic wire-to-wire. tis The law had been nearly automatic up until the first Saturday September that's still sounds weird. Doesn't it convincing wins in the Holy Bowl and Florida Derby before the shutdown and then a slightly shortened Belmont stakes and smashing win in the travers at Saratoga all preceded that runner-up effort to authentic. At this point, I'm sure owner Jack Knowlton with loved his the law to have the title of Best Horse Not to win the Derby and punctuating the year with a win the Breeders Cup classic would go a long way toward that somewhat unusual goal Jack Knowlton of. Course as part of the every man ownership group Saka Toga stable that owned funny side and owns his the law, and we are very pleased to welcome back to in the gate, the CO owner of Tis, the Law Jack Moulton first thing Sir after the Derby, your group and trainer Barclay tag opted to skip the preakness in order to freshen up the cold for the breeders. Cup Classic his workouts at Belmont Park seem to have gone fairly well he arrived at keeneland two weeks before to get acclimated for the race. So how is the big? Horse doing? According to Barclay. He's very, very happy with wariness at very. Nice work good stamina. Building. Where Heather says he handles attract very well so. As of now everything Berkeley we can't say anything bad add on. So he's just doing great down there and he would if he could I know that now knowing what you? would. Barkley or you have done anything different with his the law heading into the Derby. Now. I mean You know he had to superb works at Saratoga. Of the travers couldn't have been any better. And you know for whatever reason, he just didn't seem to handle the track that. Well at Churchill the only. Thing I can attributed giving be in that race that certainly manna gave the perfect riding had them right in position and When it was time to to keep going and he was just kind of spinning his wheels it's not like. You know ran a bad race one hundred and three buyers still be I don't know twelve thirteen horses but you know that closing kick that we've gotten used seeing you know how from the holy bone the Florida Derby Valmont and the travers just wasn't there and the only thing I can say it. Wasn't like he was tired horse going into the race he just didn't seem to you know handle the track, but we don't have to go back there. So You know we're GONNA, be it keeneland and. Looking forward to have an opportunity to you know running the biggest race of the year first time of older horses and at this point, it's at the top of the list just about everybody is that the Baffert Brigade and there's law. We'll get to that in a second but you did reference the travers I mean how does winning that race just a few miles from your home stack up against the disappointment of just missing in the Derby. Well fortunately I'm I'm one of the two partners around with funny cide. So I've already wanted to Kentucky Derby. Oh, you know obviously, we wanted to win it with his and I wanted to go to for to and why did it for? Barclay and the whole team but when the was huge and the fact that for the first time in three grade one wins this year. I and many of our partners are actually able to be there and see it live. That was huge. I've been going to the travers for probably forty years plus and they have an opportunity to see our horse not only in the race but when the race and dominate race run. You know arguably the best race that any three year old or older horses run this year according to a lot of the numbers. Was Unbelievable. This cult had a bruised heel in. February. Coincidentally, much of the racing world shut down in early March of course now, Barclay Tags said at the time that the foot was not a problem that said, how much do you think the force shutdown helped his the law? Do you think? I mean it didn't really matter because. I goal was Florida Derby. And then we we run the holy ball and we were not going to run in the Fountain of Youth had we ever planned on running in the Fountain of Youth and that would have been an issue but. At didn't that was never our plan again we were. Looking for a normal triple crown and go from the Holy Bowl to Florida Derby to the Real Derby I'd just say you know that all got turned inside out upside down. You know fortunately when everything else is being shut down Gulfstream kept racing and whatever

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