Sprint to the finish line.


To win the state of Florida we're going to win four more years. In the morning, President Trump will vote early there his Florida home, joining more than 50 million Americans who have already voted he has weekend rally scheduled in Ohio, Wisconsin in North Carolina. Joe Biden, staying closer to home with two appearances plan to Saturday in Pennsylvania on Friday, he spoke in his hometown of Delaware, not going to shut down the economy. I'm not going to shut down the country, I'm going to shut down the virus. Roto virus cases in the United States are surging again. The U. S reporting over 79,000 new Corona virus cases, breaking the all time high of 77,000 reported in July. 13 States are reporting record one day increases, causing some hospitals to run out of space for patients boxes. Anita vocal cases in Iowa running about double the national average. Officials there warning residents to avoid gatherings. A Navy training jet has crashed near Mobile, Alabama, killing both crew members. The crash in a residential area said at least one home at a car on fire, but there were no injuries reported on the ground. Red flag warnings are posted for heightened fire threats and most of northern California and parts of southern Oregon. Right. This looks like it to be a potentially high impact our weather event that's forecaster Jeremy Grams at the National Weather Service, who says gusty winds and low humidity are expected. On Sunday in areas that are already parched for from days of hot and dry weather. The utility PG and E will be shutting off power to a million people in California to reduce the fire risk. And in Colorado, High winds are spreading the East troublesome wildfire quickly. It's already burned more than 188,000 acres. America is listening to Fox News

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