Were injured fighting the Silverado fire,


On today, we're going to see some strong Santa Ana winds continue. That leads to a red flag warning for elevated fire danger and we're going to see highs around 76 in L, A and orange county valleys and inland empire reached about 75 with wind guess up to about 40 MPH and then in the mountain communities will see high around 53. During the day and a low of 23 later on tonight. Guess of up to 40 MPH also expected in the mountains right now, in downtown L, a clear skies and 58 degrees in Redondo Beach. It's 56 in Encino 55. It's 12 07 on Can x 10 70. Tens of thousands of people are out of their homes this morning evacuated because of two wildfires in Orange County. We have in depth team coverage, the biggest the Silverado Fire is raging in Irvine. Orange County Fire Authority chief Brian Fennessy says no homes have been destroyed, but he expects another windy and dangerous time. Today. We could expect it to increase in the early morning hours until the They die off sometimes afternoon, So we're not out of this yet. Two people are hospitalized, critically burned while battling the fire to Orange County. Firefighters got caught up in the Silverado fires flames here in Irvine and crew. Firefighters were injured fighting the Silverado fire,

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