The former vice president emerged to refute them. I'm not shutting down oil fields. I'm not


Amy Cockney Barrett's taking the Constitutional Oath of office shortly after being confirmed by the U. S Senate last night by a 52 to 48 vote, all of the Democrats dissenting, objecting not only to the process but warning Barrett could provide a critical vote on an upcoming case. Challenging the affordable care act. Republicans praise barrettes, intellect and judicial independence boxes. Jared Helper in 39 days after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Cockney Barrett will take the judicial oath as an associate justice of the Supreme Court from Chief Justice John Roberts this morning. The high court with an election decision Monday in a 5 to 3 ruling preventing Wisconsin From accepting mailed in absentee ballots received after Election Day. The three campaign rallies in Pennsylvania yesterday, President Trump Assailing his opponent is a genders, one of doom and gloom and depression and despair. After clips of Joe Biden, saying he would end franking were played on giant video screens. At those rallies, the former vice president emerged to refute them. I'm not shutting down oil fields. I'm not eliminating fracking. I'm investing in clean energy. We're going to make sure that we don't continue to subsidize your old comes. Biden will make campaign appearance Tuesday and Georgia President Trump has rallies planned in Michigan, Wisconsin end in Nebraska. Two firefighters have been critically injured fighting a fast moving wildfire in southern California, which has burned the equivalent of more than 11 square miles and forced the evacuation of nearly 100,000 people in Orange County. South of L. A. Southern California Edison says sparks from some of its power lines may have started it. After a down day on Wall Street Monday. Dow futures are trading about

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