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Okay. Carleen. So let's start with buzz. What do you have? Okay. What's really piqued my interest in the world of budget beauty? This season is the inky list. So a lot of you will know the inky list as a great you know inexpensive skincare line kind of reminds us of the ordinary and they're now venturing into haircare. Think it was in late September they first launched in the UK and the US and it's like eight to ten products. So it's quite quite vast. It's launching into Canada at the end of October and big news if you're Canadian listener as well, the inky list just launched. On Sephora DOT CA mid October. So you'll be able to find like more of the products you're looking for more readily available. So this whole line takes a skin care approach to scalp care for sure I know when it first launched at culp beauty in the UK the first product of lie off the shelves from what I'm told is the salicylic acid exfoliating scalp treatment to treat flaky scalps, and so that's interesting. Of course, we know salicylic acid is great for acne. So they're kind of taking that approach. Now when I tried that product I'll be honest I, got really literal with it It's kind. Of feels like a water basically meant to use one to two drops on your palm and then apply it to your Scalp I. Use one to two drops and like put it right on my hair line and it just instantly was like dot sucked in I was like Whoa what about the rest of my scalp So I, don't know maybe that's like great for for guys with no hair I don't know but the product that I had more success with and I do feel comfortable recommending for a lot of different hair types is the shale oil nourishing hair treatment and this product is nine. Ninety nine in the US as I said, it's it's not in Canada yellow probably come in at around twelve bucks. It's a small bottle. It's fifty mills and it looks like they're skin-care it's black and white except this one's more of like a hairsprayed tin container and then it has a white pump on the top and you really don't need much when you disperse it this one unlike the salicylic acid scalp treatment, a lot of it comes out at one time. So I have thin hair but a lot of it are used to pumps at I. think it might have been a little too much I. Would go back and only use one if you have highly textured hair coyly or hair I you know you depending on how long it is. You might WANNA use twofold pumps. Now, a lot of people are familiar with Sheahan Shea butter I'm to use on hair what I like about this product is it's like a water like I said so it has shale oil in it. It doesn't feel like it's coating your hair and even like a lot of hair oils that are at their, you know they're so thick and you put this can you describe again I might have missed it. How do you use it like what stage you absolutely in? No, you didn't miss it because I didn't say What I did, you can use it on wet or dry hair, but I would use it much like you'd use a hair oil. I used it when my hair was like three quarters of the way dry when I was almost done blow drying et I'd I'd put this in kind of more like a finishing product I guess but like I said it just it really is meant to be more of a dry oil. So it just doesn't have that that consistency where you like you're GonNa get a lot of build up with it. So yeah, I think. This is a hit and I, think for a lot of hair types, they're gonNA really enjoy like the moisture and the hydration and the softness that you get from it without it being like a heavy duty product that's good and I think that's a really good product heading into the winter as well. Absolutely. I mean just just firmy I get so much static in the winter that would be a styling product that I would probably like to use. Yeah. Because it's giving you that of protection where your hair is not gonna be all fly a totally

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