Energy Plan Launched by Tesla in the UK, Short Shorts Update (10.27.20)


So I'll be curious to hear comments from people, especially those of you in the UK and may be those of you. They're considering opting into this energy plant. The last thing I'll say on this is even though it looked like a relatively long payback period costs on tussles energy products are going to continue to come down over time and that's going to improve. The math pretty significantly on scenarios like this as obviously still a pretty early iteration of a product and I think there's a lot here to be excited about our next up today I want to briefly revisit a topic that we discussed yesterday on a clarify a couple of things and also add some new information and that's on the news that Shanghai will be increasing their restrictions on drive times for non Shanghai license plate vehicles, which in and of itself does not actually impact electric vehicles. But because there are significant wait times for people to get license plates in Shanghai, there is an. Indirect impact on electric vehicles because having an electric vehicle allows you to get a green plate meaning if you didn't have a Shanghai plate before but these increased restrictions mean you sort of need one now the fastest way to do that would be to get an electric vehicle. Some commenters in yesterday's video helped us out with this. So the first one here says quote in Shanghai people bid for a Shanghai Plate which costs about twelve thousand dollars. There's a monthly quota on released plates. New Energy vehicle cars are exemptions say when you buy a Tesla, you'll be granted a new energy vehicle. Play for free and you will enjoy same benefits as owning an expensive Shanghai, plate and quo. Then we have another comment here from Carl he says he's been living in Tianjin China for eleven years, drives, they're sort of supports that other comments and then add some new information on trump's gonna read all that here he says on the green plates quote having one does not allow you to bypass this type of restriction if your plate is from another city slash region, it does allow you to get a plate without waiting in line for one another type of restriction we have in China is. Not being able to drive one day out of the week this is determined on the last number of your plate. So further plate restrictions like this would not increase sales a longer wait times on regular license plate procurement would and I don't see that we're getting any shorter. It used to be that we could buy plate and Tianjin circumventing the wait time that has now been removed as an option, our count on the Chinese government to continually and gradually incentivize buying vs through stricter ice regulation into the future and quote. So with that context added, we have a new tweet here from. Tesla. Mania who has been helpful getting some information out of China in the past, which says quote Tesla Sales Shanghai is exploding right now after Shanghai announced new restrictions policy for license plates outside Shanghai last week multiple stores are reporting five x or more than normal sales rate q four, secured and quote there's also a link to the China Tesla team outside of Giga Shanghai they're holding a bunch of different signs and one of the signs that t members holding roughly translates to enjoyed supply or something like supplied can't meet demand. So pretty interesting obviously though take that with somewhat of A. Grain of salt, but I thought helpful to round out yesterday's conversation. So the last thing today certainly not the least is finally an update on Tesla short shorts Tesla emailed me and others today saying quote we appreciate your patience and excitement as we work diligently to get tested short shorts

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