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This is Jaakko podcast number two, fifty, three with Dave Burke and meet Jaakko willink. Good evening. Gave good evening. So. Last couple of podcast to fifty one with Leif Bob and two, fifty, two also day burke we're continuing to make our way through. This book right here guidelines for the leader and Commander by General Bruce Clark. Leif and I made it up to page thirteen. David I. Last time we made it up to page twenty eight. There's one hundred seventeen page book. Just almost impossible not to find lessons and say to yourself. I don't need to worry about that section right there. So the take these. Experiences from this. Leader Commander. and trying to play him and this this book was the guidebook. For my biggest mentor Colonel, David Hackworth. Author about-face. And there's so many threats. I just noticed that thread today or on the last podcast, the thread between General Clark and making the men stand to them being okay with it once they almost got overrun and Hackworth just there the threads just connected on that last podcast. So the threads keep getting connected. If, you want to see the threads of the way hackworth learn to lead. Which? In turn taught me how to lead they all tie right back, General Clark so that's we're doing. We're tracking these left lessons to their root cause to their route. To the source. And learning as we do it. So part three of guidelines for the leader and Commander by General Bruce. Clark. first-section section we get into today. One Chapter Five. The conduct of inspections? And I'll tell you there's as I was as I was parsing this book the first time I prepped for it I thought late and I we're GONNA get through half of it. And I thought Leith and I will do back to back podcast we'll be half, one podcast. So, we'd cover sixty or so pages, and then we do have we do come to him back to back. We made it through thirteen pages. So now as I'm reading it, I'm looking for like the breaking point where I can go. Okay. This is a good section this section today the the end of this section where to cover today is It's it's. It's freaking. Epic I'm I don't feel that we're around very often. So we'll get there but this this chapter five starts off with. The. Conduct of inspections and the first question is why inspect and then it says there is a saying in his nation does well, only those things the boss checks. This truism originated insofar as I am concerned from a speech that I heard made by vice president of one of our largest corporations this is not a new thought to anyone who has military experience because I have often heard it expressed as anything that has not been inspected has been neglected. I changed the way I said that word neglected, but it made it sound a lot better. So anything that has not been inspected has been neglected. If these things are true and I think they are it follows that anyone who has important position must be able to check in on or inspect the operations which he's responsible Leif when life saw this. I. Think I sent a picture of this delay because this is you know a line that I hear life say a lot. It's a line that he heard me say a lot and we always attributed to, Hackworth. We always attributed to Hackworth. And guess what it didn't come from ACWORTH. So how to inspect return about how to inspect civilians often think of a non commissioned officer and officer as a demon inspector. A demon. Inspector a good inspector is certainly not a demon but good inspectors are not plentiful in the army or out of it however, to be a successful non commission officer or a successful officer wants to be a competent inspector. This quality cannot be attained without a considerable amount of study planning and practice now. This is interesting because. I wasn't sure how much of this section to cover because. Inspections are not something that I utilize to any great extent as a leader. When I was a leader I didn't inspections was not one of my big tools. And so I thought well, you know. We'll talk about it. You certainly have to inspect things and I get that and that's why I would say that Hey, an organization does well, the boss checks. I've said that many times and I believe it but also. I believe that if I have to inspect you that means I'm doing something wrong somewhere else you know what I'm saying like if I've got it if my Gig I've to inspect you. That means I'm making some other kind of mistake somewhere because. Should I have to inspect your weapon is ready. Should I have to inspect that you've prepared for an operation I have to inspect that you've done the work that you're supposed to I shouldn't have to inspect if I've led correctly. Then You know why you're doing what you're doing, and therefore you don't really need to get inspected because you understand the why you make things happen. So I've always had that attitude. It's been very successful for me. So I wasn't sure how was sure how much I was going to get into this whole inspection mode because what I don't want to do is create a bunch of leaders that are going out there becoming these inspection. Happy. Dig Down How come and inspect you use funny with my kids. A belief the. Whenever my wife's not around my kids are they have to do everything right? And so I'll say are you what time will you be ready for inspection? They just get so they know what that means I'm going to inspect I'm going to inspect any better squared away so. I didn't want to create I. Don't want to pass on this. This idea that hey, gotta be Inspection Inspection Freak.

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