Second night of clashes in Philadelphia after police kill Black man


A second night of unrest in Philadelphia began Tuesday over the police shooting death of a Black Man Walter Wallace junior twenty, seven years old a thousand looters have reported targeting businesses. Police said in the city looters ransacked a footlocker rite aid and other retail stores. At least one vehicle was set on fire. The Philadelphia Police Department warn people to avoid an area where at least at thousand Luder were ransacking businesses in the port. Richmond area videos posted to social media show people leaving a Walmart with clothes, electronics, and other. Items Around Ninety one people were arrested Monday thirty officers were injured amid violent clashes. The unrest comes after the police shooting death of Wallace. On Monday, Wallace was armed with a knife was shot by two officers during a confrontation authorities said Wallace ignored repeated warnings to drop the weapon. Before he was shot, the officers had responded to his home twice before earlier in the day a third called, a first responders was meant for an ambulance to help the twenty-seven-year-old deal with a mental health crisis according to the family. Attorney.

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